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Cannot connect to 4g anywhere in North Dallas areas


Cannot connect to 4g anywhere in North Dallas areas

I cannot connect to any 4g network in the North Dallas area (North Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco).  Based on the coverage maps, I am in covered areas.  *edit* (Please contact me for frequent cross-streets for further details).

I have had spotty 4g coverage in downtown Dallas, but at all times and in all previously mentioned locations, 3-5 signal bars are present on the device.

I have power cycled my phone repeatedly, checked for the latest hardware and PRL updates, and even factory reset the device without any resolution.

Please advise.  Any Sprint support, please contact me directly to help resolve issue.

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Re: Cannot connect to 4g anywhere in North Dallas areas

This issue is really becoming a nuisance, as even outside, I can only receive one "bar" of 4g connection.  On 3g, I cannot even stream music from Pandora because my average download speed is between 3kbps and 24kbps.

Sprint, please assist in keeping a 10+ year customer happy.  I am seriously considering paying the ETF, just so that I can have a speed that is greater than dialup on my phone from a provider than can provide a quality of service that a reasonable person would be expecting.

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