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Froze and isn't turning on or charging


Froze and isn't turning on or charging

I have my 4G for going on a month now and for the most part it works very well and don't have any major probles other ham not get a lot of my 3G service and usually having to use 4g or wifi. But today after I update my phone it stared kind of slowing down for a moment then worked fine for hours. Randomly a few hours later I was writing a text and it just froze so I took the battery out and tried multiple times to restart it. At first it would get to the 4g screen and now it wont even turn on it will not even respond that it is charging. I did download 3 live wallpapers and have downloaded a couple different different task killer and file viewers to move around files and attempt to keep my bettery life longer. I read that the live wallpaper could have been the source of the problem. I'm so completely lost on what to do so I just left it on the charger thinking that it might be that. If anyone has any suggestion please tell me I need help ASAP.

Thanks 🙂


I am so sorry that you are having problems on this phone. If it is completely unresponsive, as a last resort you can try these steps:

    If the HTC EVO Design 4G is frozen, remove then reinsert the battery.

  • With the phone turned off, press and hold Volume Down button on left panel of phone, then press Power button.
  • When phone’s display turns on, release Volume Down button.

  1. Use Volume buttons to select Factory Reset, then press Power button.
    • All data will be deleted from phone, excluding microSD card.

  1. Phone will clear storage and reboot to Setup screen.

From there it should start up and work properly...if it still wont start up, you're going to have to visit a Sprint Service & Repair Center.

Thank you and I hope it works!


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