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HTC EVO Design 4G Screen Problems


HTC EVO Design 4G Screen Problems

The phone went to sleep and wouldn't wake back up completely.  I removed the battery to power down and now it will vibrate like its powering up but the screen stays black.  The back lights on the bottom bar lights up and the indicator light up top flashes.  I tried plugging it in to see if it was maybe almost dead and still having issues.  Can somebody please try to help with this.  I pulled the battery and replaced it.  Tried to reset the system with holding down the volume down button and power button at same time.  Nothing happened.  I got to say that if this is the kind of phone HTC is gonna put out then I'm gonna smash the thing into a million pieces and mail it back to them.  Had nothing but problems with this one.  Someone please help me with this issue.


Re: HTC EVO Design 4G Screen Problems

Sorry for the inconvenience.I understand your frustration and concern. I would suggest you to reset the phone to factory defaults using keys. Reset will erase all info from the phone.Here are the steps:-

• Remove and Replace Battery

• Press and hold “Volume DOWN” + “POWER”

• Android System Recovery will appear

• Use “Volume DOWN” to scroll to and highlight “clear storage”

• Press “POWER” button to select “clear storage” (Factory Reset on the Shift)

• Press “Volume UP” to confirm RTN, press “Volume DOWN” to cancel.

Hope this helps


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