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HTC Evo and Carrier IQ


HTC Evo and Carrier IQ

Dear Sprint, 

Allow me to opt out and uninstall Carrier IQ and other bloat/spy ware (NASCAR, Facebook, ect.) or I will be opting myself out when I drop you as my carrier.


A disgusted customer


hey mapesy go to explative deleted because u deleted all my post that provided good info im just tired of this explative deleted that keeps pushing false info and doesnt provide any useful information about the topic. i guess you should classify everything he has posted in this forum as spam which is what it is. ill put links to 3rd party reasearch by known security researchers that show what i was saying was factual eveidence unlike the dredge that vorlessdarkchaos was saying


I'm leaving this post in and also reminding you what it says in the Community Guidelines:

Be nice.

Treat people the way you want to be  treated. Be respectful of other people's opinions and feelings including  the Sprint employees that post here.

Comply with all moderator instructions.

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Sprint take Carrier Iq off all of the phones.


I'm really amazed that Sprint has not stepped up to address this directly.  They hide behind canned statements that they send out to their customer service reps instead of confronting this head on with a press announcement, an apology, and a means to opt out of this program.  This is total disrespect for the customer base.  We're not all a bunch of raving lunatics; there is good reason to not want this software on phones used for business purposes.  Yes, maybe Sprint doesn't collect all the data that CIQ creates, but that doesn't mean that some hack (now that it is widely known that there are files on phones to grab) won't put out an app or find another way to pull the more detailed data file.  I'm not so worried about what Sprint is doing with the data; I'm worried about what someone else will do with it when they finally figure out how to get to it.

Come on, Sprint.  Stand up and Man up.  Surely what you gain from CIQ can't be worth more than all the bad press and bad will you are recieving by hiding behind your customer service reps.  Step up, apologize, and take it off our phones.




there is litterally NO way to opt out of this software... it is baked in and would require an upgrade to the firmware to do this.


Sprint we are still waiting to get Carrier IQ off the phones. What are you waiting for?


This whole thing is disappointing. Sprint has gotten way better at customer support, but the handling of this makes them look like Comcast.

With the financial hit they are about to take from Clear Channel, the costt of this is going to hurt them beyond the holiday.

My letter from them on this topic was outright rude and did not inspire either trust or confidence.


Mod, please inform me which of the following resulting in the removal of my post.

1. thanking you for responding.

2. requesting that you comment on the discussion at hand.

3. me expressing my dissatisfaction for the company who i've spoken so highly of for the past 8 years...

Here is the bitter truth from my perspective...yes i do love sprint and request that all of my friends and family use their service. yes i love the quality and plans that sprint provides. But these are the same reasons why i feel the need to voice my displeasure in the recent changes and mishaps on sprints part. I feel i deserve an apology and an answer, if not these two then at least the right to voice my opinion in an open forum. Now again, in hopes of not getting rejected once more, please start providing the answers we need or get someone on here who will...


I came onto these forums for the first time just to express my outrage at the discovery that carrier iq has been installed on my HTC EVO. Mobile wireless service providers should not be legally allowed to force software on user's mobile pcs any more than landline data providers forcing software onto home pcs. I wish our governemnt would have the balls to start legislating for the people and not against us on behalf of so-called "corporate interests", but that will not happen as long as we have so many republicans in power.


This has to keep getting updated. Sprint some real responses about Carrier IQ would be nice. Take this garbage off our phones.


An executive level response has been made. It was impolite and contained inaccurate claims. Sprint's employers would be well advised to avoid contradicting that response.

We, however, can take it to the FCC website and file a formal complaint.

An interesting thing is occurring in articles about this. The headlines say that the reaction is overblown, but the body of the articles document the fact that a serious security and privacy threat exists.

I have to root my phone. My worry is the reliability and security of the options for doing that.This is also time consuming. Next week, I will post from a rooted Epic.

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