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POP account - HTC software limitaiton or all brands?


POP account - HTC software limitaiton or all brands?

After months of suffering, I have come to realize that POP email accounts (mine is an Earthlink one) are limited to only synching certain areas of email (Inbox, Sent and Trash). There is no way to create folders in email -- either via the native account (Earthlink) or on the phone. Sigh. This is such a pain -- all of my email comes in as one big long, running list. So frustrating that I can not create folders in the HTC email software such as "saved" or "reference".

What I would like to know is if this limitation with POP email accounts would exist with a different brand of phone -- Iphone? Samsung?  Do ither of those phones have the ability to create folders (named as I wish) for POP email accounts?

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Re: POP account - HTC software limitaiton or all brands?

You may want to check the market for mail applications that will let you do this.  I do not know of any  email clients that come with a phone that will allow it. 

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