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Update problems!!


Update problems!!

I did the big update several days ago but it's slowed down my phone unbearably.... Going into apps takes forever, takes up to 15 seconds to load, emails do not fully load...some sites like twitter and FB do not fully load and the words are blurry.....

Also, it's still telling me that updates are available but when I go to update any of the systems, it hangs saying "preparing device...." or "network is preparing your services..." then tells me it could not be updated at this time....

Hardware version = 0002

Android version = 4.0.3

Software version= 3.14.651.0 71ord

HTC version = 3.6

PRI version = 2.97_003

PRL version = 51090


Re: Update problems!!

If the update symbol is just an arrow pointing down at a bar, that's updates available for apps from Android Market and it should take you there. If the arrow is inside a circle, that's a software udpate. I haven't had anything else on the phone offer update news.


Re: Update problems!!

I did the update around the same time and have the same issues. My phone is completely useless. I rarely use it now. It is soooo slow. Everything takes very long to respond or open since the upgrade to 3.14.651.0 71ORD. I called customer support and they said that there was nothing to do but perhaps try to reset to factory standard and hope that it goes back to the previous version. However, I'm not going to go through all of that on the chance that it will reset to a previous version - and that doesn't make any logical sense. One of the most upsetting updates in this version is that the phone (an EVO Design) no longer interfaces with my car. So no more answering the phone when driving - handsfree. Thanks for making driving more dangerous HTC/Sprint and life incredibly more annoying.

Re: Update problems!!

I was, and still am, in the same boat that you're in, evo0602. I've been keeping up with another thread about these and other issues after the update. Here's the link: It was started by mapesy, and it has lots of the problems that I and other people have been experiencing. In response to your post, I've been having the same problems you are. What's worse is that I am still having those problems, and I updated in July on Day 2 of the update. I do not know of any real solutions to these problems, as some of them go and come infrequently. But, I can say that I'm no longer having the "lost media" issues that I was before. I hope things get better for you. Best wishes.

Re: Update problems!!

To Juanelle88, I share your frustration. I've been trying to get in contact with every entity involved with this update. Google, Sprint, and HTC. I'm still awaiting a response from HTC, and I can no longer find a direct link to contact Google. The Android OS site is useless. I have not tried my D4G with a car, but I can no longer connect it to my computers. That is a major problem for me, as I used to  do this all the time for personal and work reasons to sync and backup various things. I was able to connect it without issue before the update, with both Windows XP and Windows 7. Now, it won't even show that it's connected. And the computers just recognize that a device has been connected and give me error codes. I tried contacting Microsoft too, but they have yet to respond. As far as your car issues, have you tried any apps that allow for that sort of thing? I remember one that I used to use called Vlingo, and I'm sure there are others. Not sure if it'd be any use, though. Best wishes.

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