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2/2 - HTC EVO Shift 4G Software Update - 2.77.651.3


2/2 - HTC EVO Shift 4G Software Update - 2.77.651.3

HTC EVO Shift 4G Software Update - 2.77.651.3


- Security Update

- Updated Peep client ( to align with Twitter)

- Battery life improvements

Important Notes:

- The new software version is: 2.77.651.3

- The customer may initiate the update beginning 2/2 or wait until notifications begin being sent to devices on 2/7

- Refer to the HTC EVO Shift 4G Software Updates blog for install instructions 

- Updates may be released in stages. When checking for the update, you may receive a message that no update is available,   

  check back later or wait until the update notification is sent to your device  


My EVO Shift is still working fine.... I get a good 4G signal when in WIMAX areas and otherwise have little problems..  I haven't had the overheating issue...  It streams just fine even when in 3G...  I have been able to watch my Slingbox, MLB Baseball  and NHL games without a problem and when in 4G or WIFI, they are pretty good...

That being said, I can upgrade in July and am looking forward to moving to one of these hot new LTE phones..  LTE not turned on yet where I live but I expect it will be soon....  Haven't decided when.. If I trade before end of August, I get a bigger Best Buy Refund for my phone..


For some reason my phone will not install this update. I have an notification at the top left permanently stuck on 'downloading' but for weeks, nothing has been downloaded. I've read there are many problems. Was this rollout halted?


Before the update I often had this problem.  I found that if you stop the upload and then restart it the download will continue.  This was especially the case when trying to download more than one update at a time.


My wife's Evo Shift has developed a problem about 2 to 3 weeks ago where the battery loses it charge in about 4 hours when not even being used. This happens almost daily! And the battery gets very hot. If it was winter and out ice fishing it might be ok! It has this software version installed. Sprint story did a quick check and says all is well.................. STILL has problems.

Anybody have any thoughts???? 

And we can not upgrade the phone till the end of the 24 month contract..................what a change from a few years ago!  Worthless if it doesn't  work and paying a monthly fee!


I'm with you!  I liked the Premier program where I could get a new phone after a year.  I managed to get two phones that way, the Shift being the last.  Now I'm just biding my time until October or November when I can upgrade again.

Anyway, about your battery life problem:  First, I'll assume you have restarted the phone from cold after removing the battery.  If the battery is discharging that rapidly then there's either a problem with the battery having a short or the phone has a program on runaway that is using the battery.  Fortunately there is a utility included that shows how much battery various apps are using.  If you hit menu\settings\about phone (at the bottom)\Battery\Battery use you will see which apps have been using the battery.  If you find that one is responsible for using most of the battery then you can try stopping the app.  For example, my phone shows that 70% of the battery was used by CardioTrainer.  If I wasn't actively running CT, then it would be responsible for running my battery down and I would kill the process and reinstall it to try to clear the problem.  If an app was recently installed, that might be the source of the problem.

If it's not an app, then try a new battery.  Finally, I don't know if you can add the insurance at this point, but if so, it might be a good way to get a replacement.


I finally got my upgrade pushed down to me this past weekend and have had no problems...

Still looking to upgrade my phone this summer....  I hope they light up the LTE in my town this year as expected...    I use the 4G on my EVO/Shift now but if I lose 4G for a while, I do use WIFI on my EVO frequently as well..  I will probably wait till August to maximize my Best Buy buyback..


do you know when the 2.77.651.5 will rollout? or any new service offerings regarding the EVO SHIFT?


Have insurnace on the Evo Shift but if they can not find a problem with the battery Sprint will not replace it. My wife had to delete most of the apps on the phone . Battery holds a charge most of the time now. But basically can only use as a phone now not as it was sold with implied uses of phone. Seems like it is always on roaming as well. The email usage is minimal. Even with those few apps she had on the phone it was no reason for the baatery to drain in 3 to 4 hours and get really hot. If we do not get something resolved in the next month or so and have to run out the contract yet (another year), guess we will need to go to Verizon as this is too frustrating. Paid good money for this phone and service and would like it to work as promised.


Why is it that consumers are required to enter into two year contracts for the HTC Evo Shift but Android fails to provide any continued support or software updates? I've read articles that state that Android will no longer be pushing any further software updates to the HTC Evo Shift in the future. Even if there are issues with the current software, Android will not fix the recurring problems, but the consumer must keep the phone through the end of the contract. That doesn't appear to be a good business model if you want customers to continue buying Android phones. I know Apple comes out with a new phone every year but at least the Company continues to support the previous iPhones with software updates. In the future, I will think twice about buying an Android phone if a year into my contract they will no longer continue to support the phone.


where did you read that there would be no more patches to the Android version on the Evo Shift???  The Evo Shift processor and internal memory won't support ICS..  I would not be totally shocked if Google/HTC is not patching anymore but I haven't seen that anywhere..  I know on my Evo Shift, I have very little memory left for Apps much less a bigger OS...    The Shift was underpowered when it came out but folks who wanted physical keyboards liked it...   Other than the memory shortages, it's worked just fine for me... I've learned to live with the occaisional hiccups..

I am trading in my Shift this summer for a Samsung..   The larger screen on that device should help my screen typing....


for the memorty issue go buy a bigger memory card then it will work just fine


That helps with SD card...  I have plenty of room on SD card but the internal memory is limited.. Many Apps can be installed to the SD card but many cannot...  I am constantly having to flip flop stuff and clear off data...  The newer phones have more internal memory than the Shift which would allow me to load up more wihtout a  problem..

Getting a 32GB Galaxy along with a 32GB SD card would give me for my purposes unlimited space...


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