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8/3 - HTC EVO Shift Software Update - 2.75.651.5


8/3 - HTC EVO Shift Software Update - 2.75.651.5

HTC EVO Shift Software Update - 2.75.651.5


- Intermittent failure to send messages (MMS/SMS)

Important Notes:

The new software version is: 2.75.651.5

Access the HTC EVO Shift Software Update blog for install instructions 


I recently received notice of system update 2.76.561.4 when I tried to do update it said I needed 248.83mb of SD storage free. I only have 24.31mb free now. I have a lot of music downloads so I assume that's what's taking up the space. I am very tech challenged so I'm not really sure. Since reading these blogs it seems people are having issues since installing these updates. I'm not seeing any problems with my phone so why would I need to update and loose a lot of my music and start having problems that I don't have now?? Is there really any need to install this update???



     I'm sorry you're experiencing issues after the most recent update. I want to clarify though when you say "resetting the phone fixes this problem" are you referring to performing a hard reset where all the software is wiped or are you talking about power cycling/taking the battery out? If you're referring to the latter I would possibly suggest performing a hard reset after backing up all your information. I have seen in some cases where after performing a software update the phone experiences issues that could be resolved by performing a hard reset. If you want more information regarding backing up your information I would be glad to post details.


      No, technically you do not need to update the software and if you're currently not experiencing any issues with your phone I would actually suggest holding off for the time being. The most recent update was only listed as correcting an issue related to some customers experiencing intermittent picture mail or MMS messages. Personally, anytime a software update is released I generally wait a while and review any possible problems others are having before installing or updating, I've seen too many reports online about people updating software drivers on computers or other devices and experiencing issues. So I prefer to wait if it's nothing major or that requires immediate attention such as a security issue being fixed.


Hi Shane, I should have been more specific.  I have done a hard reset and cleared all data since the update.  Exchange and traditional Gmail sync fine, but Google Apps Gmail does not (despite the correct settings).

When the phone refuses to charge, removing the battery and restarting the phone work.

It's also worth noting that I had to disable alll keyboard shortcuts.  After about 12 hours of use the phone would act as if every time I typed an "s" on the hardware keyboard I wanted to go to SMS and things like that.  Only doing a restart of the phone would fix that - A fast reboot would not fix it.

OK - On 8/20 I got fed up and wiped the phone again.  Having the exact same problem and I believe it lies with the HTC email app.  Here's a description of my setup:

3 Accounts.

- 1 Exchance Activesync

- 1 Gmail

- 1 Google Apps (technically gmail)

The Exchange and traditional Gmail app sync perfectly.  When I set up Gmail, the htc app recognized it as what it was.

The Google Apps account is not recognized as Gmail. I have to set it up as an IMAP account in the htc app. It is set up to check for mail every 5 minutes. It does not download messages unless I open the app and check for them.

Here is why I believe the htc app has a bug: If I send my Google Apps account an e-mail and wait 10 minutes (I say 10 because the app is supposed to check every 5) and I open the ACTUAL GMAIL app, the message is already in the inbox. However if I open the HTC EMAIL app it will not be downloaded until I check for it.

TL;DR version: I do not believe the htc email app is checking for IMAP messages the way it should.

EDIT 2: 8/27: I explained earlier that I have 3 accounts on this phone.  Exchange, Gmail and Google Apps (IMAP).  If I exit the mail app while viewing the Exchange or Gmail account, the IMAP account does not sync.  If I exit the app while viewing the IMAP account, it DOES appear to sync.  Again, I am nearly certain the bug lies with HTC's email app.


Have the same email issue - reported it to both HTC and Sprint.

We only have IMAP mail accounts on our Shift 4G phones. Only the last email account you are viewing is SYNCed. You can manually check the other IMAP accounts - but do not receive any notification when new email arrives. This bug was introduced with the Gingerbread release. (We are currently running another email client K-9 in addition to the stock email client just so that we get the notification).

Since neither HTC or Sprint believe that any of the recently introduced issues are worth fixing, can anyone from Sprint tell us how to get our phones replaces with working models without costly upgrade fees?


I was unable to get my AOL account to work  It had stopped working on Monday. I found this on another forum.  Log on to your email account via the web and delete an email that has no subject and is from sender "None".  It should be after the last email that you were able to sync to your phone. It worked for me.  When I called Sprint earlier today I was told I had to go to Sprint srore and have phone wiped.  Please try this prior to wiping your phone.  Hope it helps.

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