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All contacts, text messages, emails, etc are gone.


All contacts, text messages, emails, etc are gone.

I woke up this morning to check the time before my alarm went off.  My phone was charging but had a weird looking message on the screen.  The next screen looked even more weird.  My phone restarted itself and then when it turned back on, everything was GONE!  I had not text mesages, contacts, alarms, emails, etc.  Luckily, I still have all my pictures and music, but that's it.  Why did this occur?  Is it possible to retrieve anything I lost?  What can I do to insure this doesn't happen again in the future?  Needless to say, this has been MOST aggravating!


All contacts, text messages, emails, etc are gone.

If you login to your Gmail account your contacts should reappear and then if you go into the Market you will have a prompt to redownload all of your apps.  In the future if you can download SMS Backup and restore so you don't lost messages.


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