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Are the Gingerbread bugs ever getting fixed?


Are the Gingerbread bugs ever getting fixed?


At this point I'm wondering if the problems caused by the Gingerbread update are ever going to be resolved?

I'm not trying to troll these boards, but just wanting answers. I'm tired of dealing with what this phone has become, and I feel that if Sprint or HTC are not planning on fixing the issues then please let me root the phone and install a ROM that works.

I paid for the phone and pay my bill, so I should be able to restore my phone back to a functioning state or at least be provided with a fix


Please describe the problems you are experiencing with Gingerbread.  I have read many people post many things, but am not sure exactly what you are talking about.  Maybe there is a solution for the problems you are having.  Just trying to help.




The problems are:

When switching apps, Sense crashes and then reloads.

When typing text messages I am taken to the top of the thread.

No longer able to use Mail with and Exchange server that has it's encryption turned on (this worked prior to the 2.3 update)


About Sense...this is caused by the built in task manager in Gingerbread which is more aggressive than in Froyo and it stops the process of HTC Sense UI when memory is needed...it then reloads once the memory is available or when swiching back to the launcher...I don't believe it is crashing...it is just how Gingerbread manages memory...there are a lot of people who don't like this (including me) and I don't believe it is listed as a known problem officially.  To answer your question...it may be addressed by a future update...but I don't have any evidence that we are preparing any update to make it stop behaving like this...I'm sorry... (one quick answer is to use a different launcher like Launcher Pro/ADW EXE etc...)

About the text messages taking you to the top of the thread...I personally don't experience this...but it may be because I don't have tons and tons of text message history building up...You may try deleting some of your text message history and it should not take you to the top automatically anymore...If it does there are other text messaging applications you can try...such as Handcent or GoSms...I don't have it listed in my official list of known problems with the current software on Evo 4G either...and so I don't show it as an issue that is being worked on...

Regarding Exchange Activesync - I wonder...do you have any type of certificate that you may need to install on your device?  If your exchange server requires a certificate..try sending it to your phone (or drag and drop with mass storage if necessary) and tapping on it to open it...if that doesn't work, you can try clearing the data on the email application - (home/menu/settings/applications/all/mail/clear data) this will remove any email accounts off your device and you'll have to set it up again...if it still wont work after clearing the data and installing any certificate you may need on your device...you can always use a 3rd party app like K9 mail (which is the most popular) to manage your email...it has many more features over the default email app also... I also don't show this listed as an official known problem on Gingerbread...and so I don't show that we are working to fix this problem...



Thank you for the response, but your basically saying suck it up and use work around?

I had none of these problems with 2.2, and so I do believe that these are issues HTC or Sprint should address.

Sense being force quit and then having to restart sounds like a crash, and I can't imagine that this is how a launcher should work. If the Finder in Mac OS X or Explorer in Windows relauched every time everytime I switched to another application I would say it's a crash and a bug .Why doesn't HTC just give the option to not use Sense? I don't think I need to go to the market and download a new launcher. That's saying, we can't get ours to work right, we don't feel like fixing it so use someone else's.

I shouldn't have to delete a SMS message everytime I get one. I never had to when using 2.2, I tried using Handcent and it was causing me to not get visual voicemails. Again, why do I have to go and download a third party app when this problem wasn't in 2.2?

My the built in email client worked great, there are no certificates needed. I don't understand why I would use a third party client when the built in one worked before. If you look at other discussions on this board you will see plenty of people that are running in to this. Pointing your customers to the market to fix things that Gingerbread broke is not the way to install confidence in Sprint or HTC.

I understand that you trying to provide work arounds for things to work right, but this phone isn't that old, and I hope that updates are still going to be provided till at least next February.

I'm curious as to what is on your to do list for the HTC Shift.

Please let me downgrade to 2.2, I was happy with my phone then. Reading thru the forums I know I'm not the only one.


I feel your pain. I love Gingerbread, it is much faster and the task manager has saved a lot of battery life but the Sense UI issue needs to be fixed asap and so does does the Exchange issue. Handcent slowed my phone down like crazy and ate internal memory....i just want to use the built in features of my phone....thats why i bought it. I switched from having a BBerry bc it always crashed out on me...now my Evo is doing the same.


The Home screen Loading issue is all over this forum. Search for it. It's not a crash, it's just Android suspending the Home app while you use other apps. Some feel unchecking Fastboot under Power helps.

The Text Messaging app problem is also all over this forum - search for it. The workaround is to use a replacement app from the Market like Handcent.

Exchange also discussed elsewhere. Workaround is to roll back to 2.2.


Hi Soopahman,

The home screen if this is how it's supposed to work is really sloppy and more reason as to be given a choice to not use Sense.

I don't want a work around, the Text problem needs to be fixed, these are big companies with people who should be able to fix there broken UI.

I'd love to roll back to fix my Exchange could you point me to instructions on how to do it? Also why can't a fix for this just be issued?

HTC and Sprint should be able to provide a good user experince or just come out and say "We only support our phone for 7 months after launch". Once the iPhone or the Nexus Prime is out I will be leaving HTC. Which is a shame because I really like my Shift, but I can't be tied to a phone who's software is half baked.


To roll back to 2.2, visit a Sprint store and beg them, or find someone technical/nerdy enough in your circle of friends who will do it for you. Bake them something as payment, or actually pay them.

Rolling back will resolve the home screen and Exchange issues, but the text message issue will remain as it's a bug in that app from the first version of this phone's ROM.


my phone does the same thing every once in awhile with texting i can write a text and and exit out of the keyboard to send and ill pop up at the top of the text thread i have to exit than reenter thread and half the time the text will be sitting there ready to send and the other half of the time it will be gone its usually the bigger texts i write that dissappear.


Instead of waiting for a fix or update that I don't think is ever coming, I switched to a Nexus S 4G, which works so much better than the Shift.

After this I don't see myself buying a HTC phone ever again, to have a buggy update and never address doesn't build a lot of confidence.

Oh and I did down grade to 2.2, thank god for XDA!! And after downgrading I still wasn't happy with Sense and the fact that I had to downgrade to get something working again.


• I feel your pain along with others for this phone and Sprints unwillingness to do anything about it, I have had my phone replaced one and almost had them replacing it again until I realized its the phone and its Sprint. I have contacted my local Attorney Generals office and issued a complaint against both the phone maker and Sprint. In addition, I have found attorneys who are willing to take a class action lawsuit against Sprint with enough support. You will find me bouncing around in different forums for the Evo shift, letting people know of options we have. I was told in the begining by several Sprint reps, that the problems I was having were isolated and I was almost the only one who was having issues with the EVO shift, until I started doing my own research and looking at the blogs and discussion forums.. Sprint cares nothing about customers.. only their pockets.  Good Luck, in addition.. at least in the Charleston West Virginia area they are taking towers offline which on top of not even having a 4g experience I will be losing coverage, which I was told they are voiding their own contracts by doing so, if you can find out if this is happening in your area, then you will be able to use that against them to drop your contract, because when you sign up with them it says you will have certain coverage in all the places they have to provide, if they take towers offline then they void that contract!! I am urging all EVO shift "4g" users to end their contracts and show Sprint that we are unhappy and we want a fix to this issue now, not later... or we will find a company who has updates that work

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