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Auto-search after opening keyboard and typing no longer works


Auto-search after opening keyboard and typing no longer works

A feature I truly enjoyed on my EVO Shift 4g was that I could open the hardware keyboard, and start typing and instally be taken to Google search to start searching for something. This feature seems disabled/gone/broken with the latest software update. I know this featured existed, because on my wife's identical Shift (which I informed her never to update due to several issues...) this feature works fine.

  • I have Android version 2.3.3
  • HTC Sense 2.1
  • Software number 2.76.651.5

Is there some mystery setting somewhere which turns this back on? These software updates are really starting to wear on my patience; a great phone intially grows more and more crippled with these recent updates.

Please advise on if this feature 1.) still exists as I described it 2.) how I can re-enable this feature if possible or if this is a known defect logged somewhere and is planned to be fixed in a future release.



Auto-search after opening keyboard and typing no longer works

Seems like we frequent the same message boards looking for 'RESULTS' to our HTC EVO Shift issues.  Anyway, I noticed this too after I found out it was supposed to be possible.  So, I've never been able to use this function on the EVO Shift at all because I never new about it until it was GONE!  So, I take it that the HTC EVO Shift is actually supposed to do this?  I've tried setting different keyboards as input method and turning text prediction back on, but nothing makes it work unless I press the search button (magnifying glass) on the keyboard or the phone first.  Seriously, HTC/Sprint has so much going wrong with the HTC EVO Shift these days that it obviously isn't a priority to them to resolve.  It sure would be a nice feature to get back along with fixing HTC Sense reloading on the darn thing.

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