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Camera Issues-HTC EVO Shift 4G


Camera Issues-HTC EVO Shift 4G

     So, about a month ago we made the switch to smartphones, our choice, the EVO Shift.  Everyone loves it (for what parts are comprehendable, at least) and are rather content.  Especially me, the "teen".  Everything was working well, but then suddenly the other evening, my camera nor camcorder would launch properly.  I keep getting the launch screen with only an icon of a camera/camcorder that eventually fades to black.  The only way to back out of this is by hitting the home button, the rest do nothing.  Also, if I let it sit at this point, as if it was just loading slowly, it eventually prompts the screen "Tap the screen to activate camera" as if it's sleeping.

     The funny thing is that in the morning, I had successfully captured multiple pictures, though, I must admit that when I attempted to send them via mms, I kept recieving notifcation of a "generic network failure".  I thought nothing (much) of this, and tryed emailing it instead, which in turn did work.  But, why only eight hours later, does the camera stop working when I most need it?

     I haven't had any serious or even remotely bad drops of my phone, I haven't downloaded any particularly bad apps (and I've already gone through and deleted any that even slightly made my alarm bells ring), so I have absolutely no idea why this is happening to my phone.

     I did a little bit of research on the other forums about this last night, but not to much avail.  Anything that looked like my problem involved loss of memory card data and such, which isn't the case for me.  Nonetheless, I attempted some of the solutions (i.e. restart phone, clean through applications, make sure the SD card is mounted, etc.) which haven't worked at all.  Please, if anyone has/is having the same/similar problem, or knows the reason or a fix, give me some suggestions or overall fixes.


Camera Issues-HTC EVO Shift 4G

Please try clearing data on the camera.  Press home/menu/settings/applications/all/camera/clear data - See if that doesn't fix the problem.



Camera Issues-HTC EVO Shift 4G

You might want to try this user's method...but copy your videos to your computer before deleting them from your SD card.

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