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Data Roaming


Data Roaming

Hello everyone!  New Sprint customer here!

After being with AT&T for 14 years I'm currently giving Sprint a try because I'm tired of all the dropped calls with AT&T.  I just got my Sprint phone yesterday (EVO Shift 4G), and I got the Everything Data with Any Mobile, Anytime plan.  My office at work is in a part of the building that's partially underground, and it's pretty hard to get a decent signal with any of the carriers in this part of the building.  I've noticed my Sprint phone switches back and forth between a Sprint signal and roaming (and occasionally no signal at all).  When it switches to roaming I get a notice on the phone that mentions data and says something to the effect of "You've been disconnected due to roaming."  I'm guessing it's trying to check my Gmail or something when this happens.

I see where I can go into the settings and allow data when roaming, but haven't enabled this because I'm not sure how it will affect things as far as my bill goes.  Will Sprint bill me for data when I'm roaming, or is it included in the plan?  I never had to deal with anything like this with AT&T, and don't want to turn it on and end up with a big bill.  My employer provides me a Verizon phone for work use and it has this option enabled, but I don't see or pay that bill so don't know what effect it has on anything (if at all) as far as the bill goes.

Also, are text messages considered data?  Just wondering if this disconnection due to data roaming not being enabled would cause me to not receive text messages.


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Re: Data Roaming

With the everything data plan you will be able to use data while roaming (in the United States) without incurring additional charges. Also text messages are not considered data. However there are a few functions that will not be available while roaming, such as, Sprint Music Store, Sprint Family Locator, Direct Connect on Sprint, Location Based Services in select areas.


Re: Data Roaming


Thanks for the info!

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