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Evo Shift Loading


Evo Shift Loading

Ever since i got the gingerbread update when i use the an app and exit out of it my phone is constantly having to load

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Does this happen on new Epics or just ones that have been upgraded. I was thinking of purchasing a brand new Epic Shift. Will it already have Gingerbread on it if I buy it brand new.


• I feel your pain along with others for this phone and Sprints unwillingness to do anything about it, I have had my phone replaced one and almost had them replacing it again until I realized its the phone and its Sprint. I have contacted my local Attorney Generals office and issued a complaint against both the phone maker and Sprint. In addition, I have found attorneys who are willing to take a class action lawsuit against Sprint with enough support. You will find me bouncing around in different forums for the Evo shift, letting people know of options we have. I was told in the begining by several Sprint reps, that the problems I was having were isolated and I was almost the only one who was having issues with the EVO shift, until I started doing my own research and looking at the blogs and discussion forums.. Sprint cares nothing about customers.. only their pockets.  Good Luck, in addition.. at least in the Charleston West Virginia area they are taking towers offline which on top of not even having a 4g experience I will be losing coverage, which I was told they are voiding their own contracts by doing so, if you can find out if this is happening in your area, then you will be able to use that against them to drop your contract, because when you sign up with them it says you will have certain coverage in all the places they have to provide, if they take towers offline then they void that contract!! I am urging all EVO shift "4g" users to end their contracts and show Sprint that we are unhappy and we want a fix to this issue now, not later... or we will find a company who has updates that work


Hi All! Don't normally post on these forums, but wanted to let you know that thanks to a post by "HASNOLO", the loading issue for my HTC Evo Shift has stopped for over a week! I disabled the "Fast Boot" (under "Settings", then "Power") last Monday, and my phone has been working beautifully ever since! I was having serious issues with the loading screen and was considering a new phone... thanks for everyone's help on this! I'll cross my fingers that this lasts!


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Sep 9, 2009

Looks like I found the solution to the issue of the phone slowing down with moving from one application back to the home screen.  The phone was flashing the HTC Logo Screen and "Loading" with just going from email or other applications back to the Home Screen.  Go to "Settings", then "Power", and disable/uncheck "Fast boot".  This appears to have fixed the issue; I no longer get the loading screen and it's fast when hitting Home like before I upgraded.  Thanks to Tate80 at the HTC Support Forum for posting the solution. I also updated the profile and PRL in "System Updates" but it appears that disabling the Fast Boot is what ultimately did the trick.


Oh so do I wish I can agree with HASNOLO.  I already had those settings and have been having the problem for now MONTHS!  I truly believe that this needs to be looked at by the Attorney Generals office as a major SAFETY issue and can actually put my life in jeopardy.  I will explain why:  If I need to make a phone call, or let alone switch screens/programs, with my Evo Shift I get the above mentioned white HTC screen for up to 15 seconds.  This EVEN happens if I needed to dial 911!  Do you think Sprint or HTC really wants to know that their lack of managing this problem caused me NOT to be able to actually dial 911 without a delay of almost 15 seconds....what if an accident victim, or crime victim had to experience this/.  Isn't solving the problem better than someone's death?


ick! sorry to hear that, and you're right about the delay time.. hope my fix isn't short-lived.


The Fast Boot option does nothing for me.

The problem is just getting worse and worse and all Sprint want me to do is take it to a sevice center and reload 2.2

But I bought the phone because it had 2.3

12 years I have been with Sprint....but I am ready to leave.

Sprint blames HTC - HTC blames Sprint

I am fed up.


I have found that if I keep the storage on the phone above 100meg free the phone works about 95% of the time.  Once it starts reloading I will clear the cache and that fixes it.


I couldn't take it any longer so i called sprint.  They sent me an email (ticket number) so I can bring my phone back to sprint to do a hard reset and restore the previous version.   It is much better.  Still see the htc white screen sometimes but it is not as bad as it was before i took it back to sprint.  I used to love the evo shift but going to get the iphone as soon as I am eligible for the upgrade in 2 months.


i completely agree with the emergency issue. i dont know why i didnt complain about this before???!! late august i had a bicycling accident where was bleeding heavily from a big laceration to my left cheek. stupid phone was stuck in the f*kin loading screen it took me 30 seconds to cal 911. imma go to the sprint store as soon as i can to get thix fixed.. i am severely dumbfounded by my idiocy in failing to report this.. i loved the shift.. now ill just take anything that works..



     I got an update that this should be addressed in a future maintenance release.

*Just to recap for some of the newer post I'm reading on here. This issue is not limited to Sprint, in fact a quick search on google for "HTC sense reloading" will bring up Android phones from all carriers experiencing this issue, it is an issue where a new feature introduced with the Android software update, that was originally meant to improve memory management among other things, actually started flagging HTC's sense program to be closed from the background processes, which then caused it to reopen.


Hi Shane

Sprint Technical Support told me on Thursday of last week that there were no plans to release any further update for this phone - and offered alternative phones in replacement. If there really is an update planned then we would prefer to keep this phone... Do you know if this update will also fix the other HTC issues introduced with the Gingerbread Release (specifically the text messaging issue where it moved to the first text in the thread while typing, and the email issue where only the last viewed email account is synced).




I wanted to let everyone know that I tried to post a message here a few days ago and the moderator removed it.  I am sorry I can't share the content with you, but it was not very Sprint positive.  Interesting that the discussions are moderated.

With that said, I did send an email to Dan Hesse a few days ago about these problems and directed him to the conversation.  I received a response and hopefully it is true and will result in happiness for all of us.  Below is the copy from the response.  Let's come back on the 26th and report our results:


Good Morning David,

Thank you for contacting Dan@Sprint.com. I apologize for the issues you have encountered with your HTC EVO Shift post 2.3 Update. We are aware of the issues and working with HTC to ensure they are addressed as quickly as possible. A software update is being released on 10/25 which should address some if not all of your concerns. Should you continue to experience problems with the software on your device I would recommend that you visit your nearest Sprint Service and Repair site as we are unable to address this type of issue via phone or email. You can locate your nearest Sprint Service and Repair center via www.sprint.com/storelocator. You can also make an appointment via this site for participating locations. I hope this information helps. We greatly appreciate your business, please let us know if we can assist you further.

Have a great day!




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