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HTC EVO 4G SHIFT screen problems


HTC EVO 4G SHIFT screen problems

So, Ive had an EVO SHIFT for approx, 1 year one. The first phone had numerous errors and was ultimately replaced with a refurbished one.

My current Shift has multipe touch screen problems.

Once the phone is unlocked, the screen will hesistate between different menus without my prompting. This problem is incredibly frustrating as it is a TOUCH SCREEN phone that is now made almost unusable. The only way I can use it, is if I press the lock button and then unlock it. The phone will work for a minute or a few seconds before it starts glitching again.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this god awful problem?


Re: HTC EVO 4G SHIFT screen problems

There are a couple of options.  This could be either a software or a hardware issue on the device.  If it is a software issue a factory reset of the device should correct it.   If it is hardware issue you would need to take it into a service and repair store.   The factory reset will return the device to how it was when it came out of the box.  If not backed up  you would loose your contacts and Sms messaging.  Any customization of screens would be remove  ring tones would be set to default and all installed applications would be uninstalled.    Data on the SD card would  remain un touched.  Contacts are normally backed up to the Gmail account.  There are apps available that can back up text messaging.   The reset can be done on the device by going to menu setting storage and selecting reset  make sure it is not checked to erase the SD card.


Re: HTC EVO 4G SHIFT screen problems

I have the same problem with mine, I've soft reset my phone, hard boot, and factory reset my phone twice now. None of which is helping.


Re: HTC EVO 4G SHIFT screen problems

I am having the same screen problems.  It started yesterday, phone is freezing up, touching the screen does nothing.  I've tried to reboot, I also set back to factory settings and it's still not working.  I've had this phone since May 2011.  I also have a problem with the ear piece.  I had it replaced once about six months ago, it went out again last week.  The only way I can talk on the phone is in speaker mode.  Sprint is now charging $50 to fix any problems, where before it was $35.  They are forcing customers to purchase insurance, so sad.  They are going to lose a long time customer.  Frustrated!!!

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