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HTC Evo Shift - 4G phone in 3G network - PROBLEMS!


HTC Evo Shift - 4G phone in 3G network - PROBLEMS!

I've been a loyal and very HAPPY customer for a 6-7 years.  HOWEVER, we just upgraded to the EVO Shift (4G) on two of our lines in mid-July and ever since then we have had MISERABLE customer service.  We can't maintain a signal in or within miles our place of business (near downtown Oklahoma City) and it has not improved!  Calls drop at many locations around the Oklahoma City area.  We have been told that it is network issues, then phone issues, then call capacity issues, been to the stores, replaced one phone, etc., etc...NO RESOLVE.  After months and months of calls to complain and trips to the stores and tons of wasted time, the resolution/escalation department was so rude to us and finally agreed to let us out of contract if we made the switch within 48 hours (while we were traveling and unable to do so - since we were going to be in two different cities).  Oh, we can have problems for 4 months and we only get 48 hours or the deals off, such inconsiderate consideration!!!!!!  The resolution department staff will not return voice mails to their direct line and even the supervisor wont return calls. (Sprint Mgt, if you are interested in names of associates that are not returning calls, etc., please contact).  This is terrible service!  We have another type of phone (3G) on the account and this phone does not experience the same problems as the EVO Shifts - so go figure.  My concern is their network has capability issues with a 4G phone in their 3G network since while recently in Dallas we had bars at all times everywhere in the 4G network area.  Something has shifted with the great Sprint service of the past.  Choose a different cell phone provider is my recommendation! 

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