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HTC Evo shift screen changing by itself


HTC Evo shift screen changing by itself

This screen appears to be being manipulated by someone's invisible finger.  I can set the phone down and watch the screen jump from one spot to another when no one is even close to the screen.  Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?  This phone has never been wet or dropped or anything.  The screen actually looks pretty good when it settles down but it is extremely difficult to use for anything.

I would appreciate any suggestions.  I think I'm heading to the Sprint Store tomorrow to see what they can do.  The wife says this has been going on for two weeks now.


TC Harp



That is definitely unusual. There are not any reports from manufacture of this type of glitch. Can you check the software version on the phone and make sure it is current?

From Home screen, press Menu key, then tap Settings

In Settings, flick up to then tap About phone

In About phone, tap Software information.

The current version is: 2.77.651.3

If it read different from that you can update by:


> Settings > System updates > Firmware update

If the SW version is correct we may need to do a factory restore.

If the SW is not current let me know if the update corrects the issue.




The SW version is correct.  This thing is extemely hard to use, even to find SW version.  Wow.


I can help you try to reset the phone to factory default. This will likely correct the problem.

If you choose to go to the store would you like me to find your nearest repair location and make you an appointment?


I'm a little worried about ensuring that the wife has saved everything onto the card before I do a factory reset.  I think nearly everything is saved there anyway but I'm not sure.  Perhaps I can remove the card and then reset the phone.  I know she has no special apps on here.  She actually says that many of these apps came from nowhere.  It's all very odd.

I would appreciate you posting the procedure anyway.

I'm familiar with the location of the service center in Lubbock, thanks.



You may have a corrupt file or app on the device that is this issue. Your media (pictures, video, music) on this device is auto saved to the SD. If you want to move apps that  you want to keep to  your sd you can do so by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>downloads tab> find the app you want to move>move to SD.

You will have to set up email address and personalizations back up on the phone when it is reset. You SMS and call log would be deleted, (This is an SMS backup app if your phone is functional enough to download it)

Your phone should also have a Gmail email address attached to the device, If you can't remember the address it can be found under Settings, account and sync. You can log on to Gmail.com to make sure that the contacts are saved to this email address so that after the reset, when you sign back in the contacts will sync back. You can also save contacts to SD by going to Contacts, press menu, select import/export, select export to SD. After reset you can follow the same steps but select import from SD to restore contacts.

The factory reset does erase everything in the phone. And there is a chance that not everything will be restore but it is part of the troubleshooting process to resolve these types of issues.

If you would like to try the reset please send me a private message by clicking my name on the left and I will give you the reset instructions.


If you would like to proceed


This is happening to me too! And THIS IS THE SECOND EVO SHIFT 4G Phone I've had. I took the last one in and they sent me a refurbished one.

It's particularly fun when you're trying to scroll through your contact list and the phone starts randomly calling people, hanging up and calling others... then FREEZING and you can't hang up!  That's a joy.

There is ONE thing that I can pinpoint as a possible cause... Techies out there... any ideas about this:

Because I want a COVER for my screen - not a plastic screen cover, but a light, portable holster like the Blackberry has, I bought a cover from MetroPCS that fits the HTC Evo shift PERFECTLY. It even has a little flap that flips over the top and holds in place via a magnet in the flap and a magnet in the cover...

... And there's the ONLY connection I can make to the possible source of my problem.


I have tossed that holster and the problem seems to be slowly getting better... but it was REALLY messed up for a bit.



I have the same issue with mine. Go to your dialer and put in *#*#3424#*#* and select the Line Test and see if you can draw a continuous straight line. If you can't and it jumps all over then it's a faulty digitizer. I am extremely unhappy with this phone and I don't know how Sprint handles this type of problem but aparently through internet reviews this phone and many other HTC's have been known to have bad digitizers so my suggestion is taking it in and trying to barter for a new phone.


Well, I did take the phone in to the Sprint repair shop in town.  I was told that if the screen was bad, it would be replaced free of charge.  Keep in mind this phone was just received in December.  When the tech checked the screen, he found it was indeed bad.  Unfortunately, he also found that the moisture sensor had been tripped (it arrived this way from the insurance co.) so that they would NOT replace the phone.  He said that if he had the parts he could have replaced the bad screen, but alas he has many of these screens ordered and all were backordered with little hope of them ever arriving. So my choices were insurance replacement, 100 bucks, or get a new phone.  Luckily I was eligable for an upgrade so I was able to pick up a new phone for very low cost.  While it is a relatively low tech LG phone, it is working very well.  Most importantly, the screen behaves as it should.  No random dialing of contacts.  Being as this is my second experience with HTC screens going bad, I think I will stay away from HTC in the future.

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