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HTC Sync and Outlook Notes?


HTC Sync and Outlook Notes?

I'm looking for a way to sync my Outlook notes with my Evo.

A little background -

Where I work, there is no cell coverage and there probably isn't going to be any time in the future, so syncronizing my contacts, calendar and notes with Google isn't practical.  It's also not desired; don't feel like having my personal information splattered all over the aether, thank you very much.

So what I am looking for is a way to have HTC sync syncronize my Outlook notes.  In the past, I have created a work around by turning the notes into word documents, but having two copies of each document, one in outlook and one in some subdirectory I syncronize to, is defeating the purpose of having Outlook notes. 

Is there a way I can get HTC Sync to syncronize Outlook notes?  Might there be another program that would only syncronize the notes and not contacts, calendars and emails too? Thanks for taking a look.


HTC Sync and Outlook Notes?

Igreenaw, I did some research and it does not appear that syncing Outlook notes through the HTC Sync software is supported. You can probably find a 3rd party solution in the Android Market. As you are discovering, the Android OS was developed to be sync free, ie wireless sync through the cloud. I do understand your concern about having your private and personal information in the air, but the prevailing philosophy is google incorporates much stricter and secure standards than most people can by having data saved on an assortment of devices found around the office or home in addition to the advantage of not having multiple copies of backups to keep track of (ie home computer, work computer, external harddrive, cd-roms...).

I hope this helps. If you do find an excellent solution for a wired MS Outlook Notes syncs, I would love to hear about it. -T.


HTC Sync and Outlook Notes?

lgreenaw. There is another 3rdpty  Software Program that I can think  that would Sync  Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes  Outlook  with Android  is through Companion link. You can visit this site You can try it free for 14 days and if you want to buy  after free trial period, software  will be $49.95.

Hope this helps


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