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I give up - the service is horrible


I give up - the service is horrible

I have given this all I can give - but I keep getting bs answers from customer service about the quality of service.  I live in Clearwater, FL and the coverage here just plain sucks.  I am continually dropping calls or not receiving them.  I had to get an Airave in the house to even be able to use the phone.  I am on my second Evo Shift - it is the worst piece of crap phone ever - it just stops working and acts possessed - the screen jumps all over the place, the touch screen doesn't work, it starts randomly dialing people while I'm on a call, it starts dialing people I'm trying to text, I can't answer the phone when calls come it - it's a freaking nightmare.  I was only about 10 days away from finally being able to upgrade when the phone became really unusable - you think Sprint would go ahead and update my move date?  Nope.  Nothing they can do they say - even now only 3 days out and still the answer is NO.  For over $300 a month for several years, with 4 phones and my home phone on the plan, you think they would want to help their customer out.  But nope, all they say is I just have to wait - they even told me to go to the store and pay an early upgrade fee of $100 but when i did ( I need my phone for work!) the store folks said there was no such thing.  OMG - and the coverage??  well, that's an overstatement - there is almost no coverage around Florida and I live in a densely populated area not out in the boonies!  They say - tower upgrades are in progress - really?  For two years?  Work faster. They say they are having network issues - bs.  They just don't want to pay to have the infrastructure to support their customers.  I switched from Verizon because of the high cost with them but I understand now that you do get what you pay for.  It doesn't pay to have a lower bill if you can't use the phone half the time.  It's embarassing to continually drop calls driving through a major city!  Clients are not amused - my wife is not amused - my kids are not amused - I am tired of the poor service and no change in two years from Sprint - read the forums, this is not a new problem yet they still do nothing to improve the service.

So I guess we have to make our own choices and I'd like to stick with Sprint but I see no way to be able to do it based on the poor level of coverage in my area.  And seemingly no effort to upgrade their network.

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