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Manufacture Defect

Manufacture Defect

The speaker that you hear from on this phone blew out. The only way I could use my phone was to put all calls on speaker. I took the phone into a Sprint repair shop where I had to leave my phone for an hour.Their first question was, "Do you have insurance on your phone."  When I returned I was told my phone had "water damage". Mind you, it had never been dropped in snow, set in water or any of those things that you know would cause water damage. The sticker on the battery was in tact and did not show water damage yet there supposedly was water damage internally. Right, whatever. Even if there were water damage by the charging port it would be completely irrelevant to the speaker being blown so why was the speaker not replaced? It was under manufacture warranty and I have repair and replacement insurance. Two weeks later, my screen completely stops working. My son who has the same exact phone had his screen go out two days before mine. I took both phones to the Sprint repair center and was told that the cable inside the phone broke. It is a manufacturing defect. Since the phones are less than a year old you would think that they would be replaced under the manufacture warranty. HOWEVER, I was told that Sprint considers the broken cable to be "physical damage" and so they would not replace it under the manufacture warranty. AND both phones had water damage through the usb port. Right, whatever! I was told just submit your phones to the insurance and they will replace them with something comperable for the deductible. Why the !@#% should I pay 100 deductible per phone for when the issue was a manufacturing defect?! Google the phone and see the common issues, this is one of them. Google Sprint's practices, the "water damage" practice is one of them. Once my contract is up I will never spend another dime of my hard earned wages with a company that has such obvious unethical practices. Here is a clue Sprint~Both phones should have been replaced under manufacture warranty and an apology should have occured.

I am disgusted and will not let the issue go. You will not get away with ripping me off, promise. You will be begging me to shut-up by the time I am done exposing your practices to innocent, unexpected victims. Oh, and by the way, maybe HTC will stand behind their manufacture warranty, I will let you know.


Re: Manufacture Defect

Water damage can be caused many ways, not just by dropping the phone in snow or a puddle. Using the phone while sweating a lot, or right after showering, can allow moisture through the speaker vent and into the phone. There are usually 5-7 moisture stickers inside the phone, not just the one that you see on the battery.

As for the broken screen cable, that should NOT be considered physical damage. I would go to a different store and have them look at it. If they argue it, speak to the store manager directly.

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