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Phone service is terrible


Phone service is terrible

I have HTC for last Christmas and less than a week I switched back into my blackberry because I can't get clear communication and drop call often.  Due to device issue, I recently switched back into HTC on April 20, I have complained three times already.  Three weeks again I complained about drop call issues.  Less than a week ago, I complained I could not receive calls from other sprint cellular.  We have to use air time to call office number instead.  These are business phones and what is the meaning of this if we could not communicate with each other?!  I called the 3rd time today, the answer is to have the phone check in Sprint service center that could be device issue and it will cost me $35.00 for each phone.  We have been with Sprint since 2009 and three times calling to get this issues fixed that has not yet resolved.  I doubt my loyalty is right or wrong?!  We do change one of our line into Samsung, but the signal is on and off sometimes it is good and it still has drop call issues.  We even add the air wave device to improve signal.  Now, one of Sprint representatives is helping me to either switch into Samsung Galaxy Epic II.  Hopefully, this would be better one than HTC.

Maybe 4 years may not seem longer enough, but it certainly is loyal for such long service.  Did Sprint even bother to have someone call in?  If I don't get any further customer care from Sprint, I certainly will seek way out after the contract end.  Sprint should take this matter seriously because each small business owner like me need to have a phone service that can carry out our business.  If Sprint can't offer, perhaps I have to find some other will.  I am paying for my service so I want number 1 care customer service.

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