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Problems with my ES4G


Problems with my ES4G

Since the Gingerbread update, I have been having several issues with the phone crashing, locking me out, HTC Sense crashing hourly, Pocket Dialing(Weird, I know... Phone has a pattern lock...), the composing of sms where it shoots to the top of the screen... This is driving me nuts, and I did a master reset, and the issues are still there... I, for one, I was excited about Gingerbread, but this is just annoying... I want a different phone now...

Any other suggestions?



Sorry to hear about the issues. If you have tried all standard troubleshooting such as powercycling the device and such, you may benefit from a Factory Data Reset. Keep in mind this will delete all user data but for the most part clears up most issues.

Also make sure that your device us fully updated. I would manually check for updates before doing a Factory Data Reset. Let me know more of what you've already tried.



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