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Suddenly NO signal ANYWHERE!!!


Suddenly NO signal ANYWHERE!!!

I used to get PERFECT signal in my apartment (21208 zip), and all surrounding areas. I have always had very few places that I don't get great service. However, just about 5 days ago, my service suddenly and completely went out. My phone is roaming at all times and running my battery down, and I may get ONE bar of service. So I tested it in other places all around the state (Maryland-Baltimore region) to see if places I normally had service had changed. I do not get service in any place, at anytime, EVER. My phone has basically become a useless paperweight. What could be causing this? And what do I do to fix it??


allisun89, I apologize for the issues you have been experiencing. After researching your zipcode (21208) I found 2 towers are out of service 1 has an estimated /time of repair to be 5/24 and the other 5/27. The outage with repair date of 5/27 has been going on since 5/19 and the other started today. I also show that the are upgrades on some of the towers currently being performed those show completion dates of 7/27 for one, 7/31 for the second and 8/8 for the third. Again I do apologize for the issues your having and appreciate your patience while we work to repair and upgrade the towers. For more information on tower upgrades in your area please click on this link.

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