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Syncing contacts with GMail (EVO Shift)


Syncing contacts with GMail (EVO Shift)

So I had to do a restart and had my contacts saved to my Gmail account. I imported my contacts back to my phone when the restart was finished. I try to sync my contacts and Gmail back to the phone and I get an error message that says '"sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly". Ok it has been this way for 2 days now. DOes anyone have and answer as to how to fix this problem?

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Syncing contacts with GMail (EVO Shift)

Make sure that you've web connection on your HTC EVO. Powercycle the device  and go to menu-wireless&sync-tap on check mark sync contacts.If all settings are ok..then probably you have to delete the Gmail account and try re-setting up the Gmail account.

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