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Touch Screen Issues


Touch Screen Issues

This is a WELL KNOWN issue that sprint has failed to take care of. I repeat, this is a VERY WELL KNOWN issue.  I have had to replace my EVO shift 4 times already in less than a year. I have been to the tech store, I have dealt with asurion, I have spoken with supervisors and supervisor's supervisor. I haven't been able to get anywhere. I just received another replacement today and the screen is an issue again already. The well program allows for you to get a different phone than the evo shift if you continue to have multiple issues and replacements. Well they said I qualify but the only other comparable phone to the EVO shift is.....guess what... the same EVO Shift. So pretty much I'm stuck with the same phone that hasn't worked correctly since the first one I purchased. How can a well know company like Sprint take advantage of a paying customer like me and get away with it???? I'll tell you how... they won't because they ran into the wrong unsatisfied customer. All I want is a phone that works and all I get is the same phone with a KNOWN issue with the touchscreen. Stay away from EVO SHIFT. Get a different HTC. Can you hear my frustration???


Re: Touch Screen Issues

I am on my 3rd evo shift in a seems they only last about 6 months on average before they start messing up....i have my phone randomly calling people when im trying to send a text....the screen willl flicker rapidly up and down or side to side....the top part of my screen will not work,,,,and it freezes up to where i have to take the battery out and restart the phone to get it to work.....the evo shift is a piece of ready for my contract to end this year so that i can move to a different company

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Re: Touch Screen Issues

My wife has used this phone for well over a year, My son and her are far from gentle with this phone and have had no problems of this sort. if your phone is freezing make sure you do not have a task killer/security software running, and try clearing app caches using something like app2sd by info life, clear call log, and old sms. if you have sync accounts that push often, or alot of data try disabling them temporarily to see if it helps. If you have only had trouble with the digitizer going bad then you may evaluate how you store the phone, or use the phone to determine if there is something being done that's causing this, whether it's how you applied/removed a screen protector, using the phone in a humid environment, or how it's stored in a purse/pocket. please let me know if you have more questions.


Re: Touch Screen Issues


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