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USB Tethering

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USB Tethering

When I bought my Evo Shift 4G, I knew from my due diligence that it supported WiFi tethering with the $29.99 add-on to the Everything Data plans.  Not something I forsaw using very often, if ever, but it was nice to have the option.  Once I bought the phone and started looking through the manual, however, I found a section that discusses connecting the phone to PC via USB for the first time.  Doing so evidently (I haven't tried it yet) installs some software on the target PC which, among other things, allows the target PC to share the phone's data connection via the USB link.

What I'm wondering is whether this usage is supported and included with my data plan (excluding the hotspot upgrade).  I forsee several possibilities.  First, it could just work at no extra cost (beyond the considerable amount I already pay for data).  Second, it could be blocked by Sprint.  Third, it could be blocked by Sprint but enabled if I buy the hotspot option.  Or fourth, and worst, it could appear to just work, but silently tack on $30 for the hotspot option.  The possibility of that last scenario is the one thing preventing me from just plugging it in and giving it a try.

Does anyone here know the answer to this question?  I've got an unexpected trip coming up and internet on my laptop for the week (assuming I even get 3G where I'm staying) would be nice to have, but not for thirty bucks.  Thanks.



USB Tethering

Sprint only supports using the Hotspot on your device wirelessly and only if you opt for the $29.99 plan add on. The tethering function is a feature of Android but not supported by Sprint. You can add and remove the Hotspot at anytime and only pay for the days you used. Will not change your contract commitment or billing cycle.


USB Tethering

Thanks Geek.  As I feared.  Oh well...

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