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Why does Sprint have CSRs if they cant do anything for customers?


Why does Sprint have CSRs if they cant do anything for customers?

Day #3 (actually day #10) of piss poor customer service from Sprint>>>>>Last Monday (6/18/12) went to sprint store #240 in Westminister, CA b/c I was having issues w/ my touch screen on my HTC Evo Shift. I was told to leave my phone for 2 hours for them to troubleshoot/fix it. I go back 2 hours later as instructed. I was told by Peter (Sprint Rep) that he/they/someone there replaced a ribbon which was causing my phone to black out when shifted. Peter told me and I quote, "Go ahead and play w/ it to see if its working properly". So I'm thinking to myself "isn't that why I bought it to you?" But I play w/ it in store..I shift, I press buttons and I even slide up & down on the touch screen. No problems while I'm in store. 2 days later the phone starts tripping again. I call *2 to have them send me a phone to my house so I don't have to waste GAS & TIME going back to the Sprint store trying to fix a problem that I was told was ALREADY fixed. The person on the phone said "Sorry Sir we're going to need you to come back to the store so someone can look at it again." So I spend my TIME & GAS going back to the store to have them look at it again. On 6/20/12 it was the same ol' song and dance when I got back to the store... I was told to leave my phone for 2 hours for them to troubleshoot/fix it. I go back 2 hours later as instructed AGAIN. This time they tell me they need order me a new phone. REALLY? I could have sworn that's the same prognosis that I came up w/ before having to drive to the store for the 4th time(dropping off and picking up twice)>>>>To make matters worse they tell me my phone is on back order and won't be in the store until 6/25/12 after 2PM. Now I am pissed b/c I feel like they don't give a fuck about my issue when the issue is really theirs. So I go back to the store yesterday after 2PM as instructed, while waiting for them to get my phone Peter is there (what a wonderful surprise) but I keep it cool. Peter is at the desk w/ a flip phone in hand..I over hear him tell another customer service rep that phone batteries only last 1.5 years. WHY ARE WE ON 2 YEAR CONTRACT IF PHONE BATTERIES ONLY LAST 1.5 YEARS? SOUNDS LIKE A GRAND HUSSLE! That was probably the worst thing I could have heard and that wasn't even my now Manny Contreras (who said he was the highest ranking person in the store but didn't have a name tag nor a card) tells me that my phone isn't in the store and won't be there for at least 48 hours but can't give a date as to when. THE ANGRY BLACK MAN MY HAS NOW RISEN. I own my own Electrical Contracting company, if I tell a customer that I will be there at a certain time to preform a certain service, I better damn well keep my word. I can't tell my customer "Sorry Sir, Home Depot or Lowe's doesn't have that product and you're going to just have to wait"....I would lose a customer and money. My job is to make sure I KEEP MY WORD>>>>>MY PROBLEM IS NOT MY CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM<<<<<<. But this is exactly the problem I'm having w/ Sprint...They're making their problem my problem. WTF? I even called customer care and spoke w/ Patty from the management dept and she so eloquently told me to f*ck off as well! She told me, Mr Miller the problem isn't w/ Sprint or the network but w/ HTC. I DID NOT BUY MY PHONE FROM HTC I BOUGHT MY PHONE FROM SPRINT! This is the type of piss poor customer service I'm receiving, all from trying to get my phone, that I pay insurance on every month, fixed. NO ONE HAS OFFERED ANY OTHER COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER. What I was offered though, was to buy another phone and pay $50 to start a new contract.... How nice of them, huh. Did I mention that the phone I get will be a refurbished phone. Meaning a phone that's had problems in the past and that they THINK they fixed, in hopes the customer doesn't find any more.......

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