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Yahoo email account deleted unexpectedly; can't add again


Yahoo email account deleted unexpectedly; can't add again


A few days ago, I went to check my Yahool email acocunt and saw that the account was no longer on the phone (this is not the Yahoo mail app from the android market, but the one from Sprint, I guess?).  I did not delete it.  I have tried to set up the email account again several times, but after I input the email address and password, I receive an error stating "Authentication failed. Please verify your username/password", but both the username and password I input are correct. I am not sure if this has something to do with the pop settings. If I select the option to set it up maunally, the options are POP, APOP, or IMAP. The pop server already listed is  The security type options are SSL and TLS.  The server port already listed is 995.  Is there a way to resolve this issue so that I can set up my yahoo account on my phone?  I have a gmail account set up on the phone that works.  Thanks.


Yahoo email account deleted unexpectedly; can't add again

I would download the yahoo mail app from the market.  Yahoo is always   of a problem setting up.  There app seems to work the best.  Please sign into yahoo from a computer and see if that can be done successfully.   There may be one of those popup that asks you to enter the letters that appear in the box  If this happens please enter them  then  try to set up the yahoo account.

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