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charging issues


charging issues

i hav had the phone for a little less than a year, i hav already had to replace the phone once do to it not making/receiving  calls, sending/receiving texts, and would not go on the internet. Those issues ended with getting my replacement phone, but now this one is not charging right.

I plug it in it charges right for about a minute and then it is like it stops reading tht it is plugged in and doesn’t charge. It happens with multiple cords for the wall charger but it works fine with my car charger what is wrong it has me puzzled and frustrated.

Any help is appreciated  


charging issues

I would suggest you to take it to the Sprint Service and Repair center to have your phone tested and complete a diagnostic test on battery, phone charger port and cable.


charging issues

The wall charger itself may be bad, or it could be a charging port problem.  BEFORE you take it to a service center, make sure everything is backed up, as the first thing they usually do is a factory reset.

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