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obvously when one buys a phone(Samsung Epic in my case), The Sprint representative tells you there is an insurance option. what they DO NOT mention is a deductible. this is a huge lack of disclosure. I've NEVER had to pay a deductible on the 1 previous phone I'd lost in the past.

then when you file a claim with Asurian, the  deductible is mentioned and its nonrefundable. what they do not disclose until after the deductible is paid, is that the possibility that they may not even have your replacement phone in stock. this is just conduct in bad faith. it is their responsbiltiy to stock it. not only have I paid  a monthly premium for insurance, now I'm being asked to pay a NONREFUNDABLE deductible for a phone that may not stock?  so now I've paid at least $200 and being told to wait . yes I'm absolutely filing a complaint with a certain state consumer agency about this



I apologize that you weren't informed of the deductible.  Just like most insurance, there is a deductible even for phone insurance.  You should receive the terms/conditions of using Asurion insurance in the mail, and it should explain that there is a deductible.  Also if the phone is not in stock...they will send you one of comparable or greater value.


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