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issues with 1xRTT/3G ...


issues with 1xRTT/3G ...

Just got the Evo Shift on Wednesday and so far I love it!  But, I have a few questions...

Does the phone have 1xRTT capabilities?  I know that might sound like a silly question, but the owner's manual mentions there should be an icon for 1xRTT and I have yet to see one.

I live in an area where coverage is not that great and I have an Airave.  Weird things seem to happen sometimes with the Airave and the data signal.  (I have the old Airave, not for 3G).  Sometimes, I will have full bars, and try to go onto the web and I get a message saying I have no connection, and that I should turn on my Wifi.  I would think if I wasn't able to pick up a 3G signal, that it would just use 1xRTT.  Maybe not?

I was under the impression that with the Airave, there could be a full signal from the Airave, and if there was a 3G signal available, it would connect to that too.  My Samsung Rant worked that way, anyway.

Also, I find that with the roaming set to automatic, it drops my Airave signal occassionally when another signal is stronger.  With the roaming set to Sprint only, this doesn't seem to happen (or at least not as often).

Anyone experience the same issues?!


issues with 1xRTT/3G ...

Regardless of any of the above, if you're at home with the Shift in a bad signal area you should have wifi turned on on the phone. It will SUBSTANTIALLY increase both your battery life and data download speed. Leaving it to negotiate these extra cell->router->cell network->internet steps is slower, uses more battery to accomplish, and... kind of silly if you think about it.


issues with 1xRTT/3G ...

Id see if there is someone in your area you could flash it to or get an equvilent phone and chage providers... thats what I am looking to do. Something like this...

Considering how much they charge you would make up the ETF if no time if you couldnt get out of it as I have seen some other people do ALOT working at sprint. Good luck

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