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preinstalled swype - very poor version. How to update?


preinstalled swype - very poor version. How to update?

Just exchanged the EVO Shift for the EVO. On my Shift, I installed Swype via a YouTube video tutorial and it worked great! It was THAT version of Swype - long with the fact that my Shift was really glitchy - that made me make the switch to having no physical keyboard.

Now I tried to install Swype on my EVO via that same video only to find #1. it can't install it, because #2. it's pre-installed. Well, seems great - already installed. BUT this version that's pre-installed is horrible. You can't use two thumbs at all - it just thinks you're swyping a whole new word when you switch thumbs. It's not intuitve at all either and constantly picks wrong words.

The other version was straight awesome and while I had it, I couldn't imagine anyone NOT loving Swype. Now I have some second-rate craptastic version that Sprint installed, and like all Sprint pre-installed apps, I can't install a new version because Sprint holds my phone hostage with it's 'no uninstall option' on pre-installed apps thing (**as a long time Sprint customer, I have to say, I've always loved Sprint but this is a giant 'fail' on their part and actually makes me consider switching providers. Give me back control over my phone, Sprint!!!!)

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get this crap version of Swype OFF my phone so I can install a decent version - without having to root the phone? Or, at the very least, if anyone knows of a way to 'update' this version of Swype which would hopefully give me the significantly better version that I had on the Shift?


Not easy. You'd need to root it. You're not going to enjoy the process. It probably isn't worth it.

That said you can teach Swype to at least guess words better, although you can't fix the buggy thumb behavior. In Swype options you can set it to always show the list of guesses and as you use that list of guesses you'll gradually train it to guess more and more accurately. Eventually you can turn that back down.

Presumably this belongs in the Evo forum, not the Shift forum, since you bailed on the Shift...

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