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Pic mail to email address - multiple sends


Pic mail to email address - multiple sends

I recently sent a small album of pictures (12) to a personal friends address and it has now sent her multiple (15) sends at this time in a span of 24 hours.  Is there a way to turn this off or cancel.  This is the first time my phone is doing this.  Luckily I have the unlimited package data plan.  Just afraid to send anymore pictures to friends and turning into a text monster scale!  Thanks for your help!


Pic mail to email address - multiple sends

I want to know if your phone is roaming and would also like to know if you're using Airave Service/Coverage to send text message. If you're using Airave there is a known issue with Airave "Customers may experience duplicate text messages sent while texting within Airave coverage. Issue is intermittent and cannot be directly related a handset OS. Sender will receive an error (X) indicating the text failed but the recipient will receive the message multiple times". If you're not using Airave Coverage then I would say power cycle the phone (power off the phone, take the battery out and put back battery in after a min).Let me know if you’re having duplicate messaging issues with sending pictures.

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