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Sprint please advise on this


Sprint please advise on this

I'm on the htc Evo View 4G, I'm impressed with this device and very happy that I purchased it. I'm not sure why this device is no longer sold on while the Evo 4G (phone) is, the View 4G (tablet) is a newer device.

My questions are:

1. Will the Evo View 4G see an update to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

2. When Sprint stops supporting WiMax, how will this device be handled? Will Sprint provide an update that will alleviate the Sprint Wimax reminder when the device can no longer find a WiMax signal? It's my understanding that Sprint will support WiMax until 2015. What happens to WiMax devices after that time?

Thank you, Sprint. I happen to feel that you're doing a great job.

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Re: Sprint please advise on this

ardchoille, I checked HTCs website and they have not indicated if the tablets will be upgraded to ICS ( Also no information has been given regarding the decommision of WiMax in 2015.

Re: Sprint please advise on this

Thank you for the reply, your efforts are appreciated. I don't know how htc plans to handle this device, but I'm sure Sprint will provide an update when the time comes.

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Re: Sprint please advise on this

Correct - we have no information about ICS, and we do not have specific points about what will happen after WiMax is turned down.  We are committed to supporting WiMax with our partner, Clear for the next several years.

Speaking personally, I have used a demo View that the provisioning got messed up and 4G was never set up.  It still works fine on 3G and WiFi, it just prompts me to sign up for 4G when I turn the 4G radio on.  So from my personal experience, it will continue to work without problems as long as you leave the 4G antenna off.



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Re: Sprint please advise on this

Thanks Will! My concern was that the device would nag me to connect to Sprint upon each reboot (Hands free activation?) once WiMax was discontinued, but that doesn't seem to be the case unless the 4G radio is turned on. I use the tablet mostly on WiFi right now with some 4G here and there when WiFi is unavailable. I'll more than likely have a new device by the time 4G is discontinued anyway.

I love this tablet

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