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10/12 - HTC Hero - Unable to browse web or access data - FIX


10/12 - HTC Hero - Unable to browse web or access data - FIX

Sprint has identified and corrected a problem with customers not being able to access the web or data services on their HTC Hero.  If you are still experiencing this issue, please follow the steps below to resolve it:

1.  Power cycle the device
2.  After the device fully powers on Press Menu > Settings
3.  Select About Phone
4.  Select System Updates
5.  Select Update Profile

In addition, please ensure your device is on the latest version of software to prevent future issues:
1.  If running a version prior to 2.27.651.6 please update the  software to 2.27.651.6 by going to  or by visiting a Sprint S&R Repair Center for the update.

2.  Update the software to 2.31.651.7 over the air (Menu->Settings->About Phone->System Updates->HTC software Update->Check now)


Re: 10/12 - HTC Hero - Unable to browse web or access data - FIX

My problems began first with a delay in receiving and delivery of text messages.  My voicemails were not being completely downloaded. I was still able to receive and make calls.  I would get the texts and voicemails after I received an incoming call. I didn't have access to the web or data. This was approximately on 10/07 and 10/08.  I am now able to browse the web and access data.

It is 10/13 and now the only thing I can do is MAKE CALLS and receive emails  .  . .THAT'S IT!  Incoming calls go straight to voicemail, I am not receiving texts and have no idea when my outgoing texts are being recieved.

I try to do the system updates but when I touch the update Firmware for instance it doesn't do anything at all. Please help, I use my phone heavily for business and this has already caused problems.

Any directions as to my next steps will be greatly appreciated.   THANK YOU!!

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