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A curveball, phone dropped dead due to update.


A curveball, phone dropped dead due to update.

So last night I was on my hero from sprint looking around. I went to settings, phone info, then updates. I tapped the Firmware option and it began searching for a firmware update, and to my surprise it found one. Now I have never done this before so I figured it was so update that wasn't announced because it was minor. In any case it told me not to remove the battery, and me being clever decided to plug it into my surge-protected outlet block that I also use for my laptop, that way even though the phone was fully charged I would be safe while it updated the firmware.

So I pressed ok and the hero begins to update. First it downloads the firmware, finishes fine. Next the phone shuts off and turns on and the HTC logo is displayed with a little green status bar that is increasing as it progresses through the installation, ok good it is installing. Finally the phone has an issue.

Halfway through filling that green status bar the phone pauses for a minute at the same spot on it, then suddenly shuts off for no apparent reason. It does restart by itself, but this time a new logo is displayed, one where there is a software box with a green arrow coming up and out from it, bending over its edge, and pointing to what looks like a hero. This symbol is displayed for roughly 20 seconds, and finally the hero shuts off, but this time it doesnot turn on.

This is the problem. I gave it 30 mins of being off until I tried to turn it on myself, but am unable to. The phone does not respond to any combo of buttons pressed. The led does not light up upon plugging it into the charger. The phone does not respond to being plugged into my computer, and my computer is unable to see the device whatsoever. I have tried taking the battery out, the sd card out, the sim card out, all to no avail. It is as if my phone is completely dead and will not respond to anything whatsoever.

So here is my question, what do I do? I am pretty upset at the moment seeing as Sprint's over the air update has completely fried my phone, and no I do not wasnt a refurbished phone, one that had issues and is "fixed". I have previously gone to a repair center, and contacted customer care and tech support about an issue with dust coming under my screen, but they told me they would need to send it in and if they deemed it an issue the warehouse would send a refurbished hero, if not then they would charge me 100 dollars just for sending it in without an issue. What in the name of...?

So, am I going to go to a sprint repair center (a new one at that) and be told you are recieving a refurbished model, or will I be getting a replaced phone on the sport right there? I am sure most of you can see why I am ticked off by that warehouse option, as I had a working phone in perfect condition to start out with, and to be mailed a phone that started out with a problem and that is not guaranteed to be in perfect condition like mine was seems wrong when it is sprint's fault that my device fried itself on Sprint's update. I did pay 200 dollars for a phone that has no issues and is in perfect new in box condition, and a refurb is hardly what I paid for.

I honestly do not know if I could have been any safer while updating, so I have to assume it was Sprint's update that fried my hero. Thanks for the help guys.


Before I had my Hero I had a G1 with T-mobile, it gave me alot of problems and T-mobile wouldnt help me with any of them. They said they had to go through HTC and told me that HTC would not send them a new phone for me unless I exchanged 3 of the same phone within a 30 day period. Now it was too late for me to do this because I waited too long to exchange it the third time, but my advice to you would be to just keep sending them back a day or two after you get them so that they eventually send you a brand new one.

Unless the T-mobilerep  was just lying to get me out of her hair, that should work...

Hope that helps!


Its ok I just went with it and the phone seems to be in good shape. Not sure if it is brand new or not, but its good enough for me.

I just aplied the Invisibleshield to it so it should be pretty well protected.

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