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A few questions


A few questions

I just bought my hero yesterday and I'm still working through some things

1. All of my contacts were transferred from a phone on another provider and all of my contacts show as "Google", how do you change them to "Phone". Also if I do my own contacts the option to pick "Google" or "Phone" is only available once?

2. Under the album application is there a way to create separate folders here or do you have to link your phone to your computer and create folders that way?

3. Is the task panel x widget clickable?

Any help would be appreciated


Re: A few questions

1) The contacts show as Google because they are being backed up to your Google account. You want this, so if you ever have to reset your contacts will not be lost. If you change this y ou have a high probability that they will be lost.

2) I downloaded a free app called File Explorer that lets you create folders in the different directories.

3) I do not use Project X so I do not know. May want to try their website.

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