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Alarm Clock Ringers


Alarm Clock Ringers

I want to use a custom alarm clock ringer as the ones that come as defaults are to weak even in full volume setting. I use to use reveille on my touch for an  alarm an it always woke me even at half volume setting. someone has to know how to change that portion

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Re: Alarm Clock Ringers

Make these folders on your sd card:

  • ringtones
  • alarms
  • notifications

Now just put the sound file you want for your alarms folder and it will be selectable.  The same holds true for notifications and ringers.



Re: Alarm Clock Ringers

not to sound like a total newbie but will this work for the HTC HERO?


Re: Alarm Clock Ringers

Lol you're in the HTC Hero section buddy. Yes it will work.

Journeyman sol

Re: Alarm Clock Ringers

I've been trying to get the same thing

do have the ringtones i've cut into special ringtones for the alarm and such

i see you are talking about putting them in the folder for the notifications

and you have lost me there.

I also want to put a special ringtone for my messages alerts...

if you could explain this more in detail

i would really appreciate it

this is my first android phone

i went from a blackberry 8330

to this awesome phone

but not knowing this kind of stuff won't let me get the best of it

for your time thank you



I have found the answer!! yay yay

I just put the phone on the usb and created the folders in the memory card and dragged from the computer

it's great!!

also i realize that the sync driver is in the phone as well

thank you for your help

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