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Am I the only one not in love with this phone?


Am I the only one not in love with this phone?

I had a Palm Pre and liked it.  Had a mechanical problem, so I returned it and got the HTC Hero.  I hate it.  The virtual keyboard doesn't seem as good as the one I tested in the store. Yes, I have callibrated it, and it still types the wrong letter half the time.  I miss having a physical keyboard, but I thought this wouldn't be too bad, since I have small fingers.

Of course, I paid full price for it and now I am stuck.


There are lots of cellphone/smartphone buyback sites on line that will pay you at least a portion of the money you spent to buy the Hero at full price. I have seen quotes ranging from $250-300. Just Google something "smartphone buyback sites," and you'll come up with some. Many even pay for the shipping and provide you with the materials. Then use that money to buy what you want. In the long run, you're going to come out in the red, but selling it through a respectable site that specializes in buy backs of high end electronics/smartphones, you'll at least recoup some of your cost. Hope this helps.


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Re: Am I the only one not in love with this phone?

I like the phone a lot...I'm not in love with it.

I wanted an iPhone last year but didn't want to switch from Sprint because I love the plan prices, so I got a Samsung Instinct as it was heavily billed as an iPhone contender...boy was that a lie. I won't even say it was a let down, it was out right trash when compared to the iPhone. The hardware sucked, no apps and one miserable MR after the other for a year that would break more things than it fixed. It seems like the same thing is going on with the new Instinct HD. Thank God I'm out of that rat trap. That experience alone almost made me leave Sprint. I will say that when it was working, and it wasn't for long stretches, that the GPS coupled with Live Search on the Instinct was great, everything else was just sub par, period.

Now the Hero is far from perfect, but it is light years ahead of the Instinct. A good example is after the first MR, "most" issues that people were having have been fixed, with a couple nice little enhancements like the mute/speaker buttons on the call screen and the button options across the bottom of the Albums screen. Very nice, still needs some tweaks and performance enhancements, but I feel comfortable they will come.

Contrast this with the Instinct HD update that broke several things that weren't broken and didn't fix several things that it was intended to.

To sum up, I'm now firmly convinced Android is a "real" contender to the iPhone. I can do things that my iPhone friends can't and it p*sses them off. That alone is worth staying with the Hero.... They roasted me and my Instinct for a year.

Better phones are coming, they always will be. I'm glad Sprint lets me upgrade at new customer price every 12 months. I'll be getting whatever is fast and cool next year while my iPhone and Droid friends still have another year to go.

This totally sum up how i feel, I also being a former iphone guy (all 3 versions)


Go to the portrait keyboard.  In the lower left corner next to the space bar is a gear.  You can quickly and easily change keyboard types through that icon.  I find the compact qwerty much more accurate key selection wise, but of course you get more errors in the predictive text.  I find the "compact" qwerty to be much better for my fat fingers!

I'm new to sprint, does everyone get an upgrade after a year?

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I'm another one chiming in saying I don't love this phone.

Thought it was a great phone at first's my list of complaints.

The new software update didn't fix the awful lag in updating the weather.

The calendar alerts being a day off

You're supposed to be able to view weather on the calendar...mine doesn't work.

Ringer volume should be louder

Call volume should be louder

The auto-predict with typing can be frustrating sometimes (yes I know I can turn it off...but I'm just commenting on it)

The horrible lag...I'll try to dial a number and nothing happens...then all of a sudden it catches up and hits a number repeatedly (makes entering a number into an automated phone system an absolute nightmare!)

My keypad wouldn't type the other day in text messages. I had to reboot the phone.

At one point, I didn't get any voicemails for 10 days...then all of a sudden I had 15 voicemails.

It takes forever to hang up the phone. I'll press the end call button and the phone will just sit there, I've seen it take nearly ten seconds to end the call.

The ring lag is awful. I've determined it's NOT just when getting voice calls. When I get text messages, the phone will vibrate as it should. The alert light will flash as it should. But it may take up to ten seconds for the phone to make any audible or visible alert.

Another one that I know I can manually override...but. The autodimming feature stinks. Doesn't work well at all.

Battery life makes this phone worthless as a phone. My Instinct could go 2 - 3 days if I wasnt using it. Hero will be lucky to make it 24 hours. I have no faith in being able to rely on it in any sort of emergency situation.

To point out that I'm not just whining and hating, here are some things I like about the phone.

Touchscreen works VERY well

The camera fix is much appreciated

Wi-Fi works well

Surprisingly fast speeds surfing internet pages via the Sprint network

The awake time problem is not an issue for me

I like this phone and I hope it doesn't get worse for me. But I refuse to root my phone. If I spent the money for this phone, why should I have to bypass the main setup just to get it to work. I'm willing to put up with the issues for now, but if the phone starts being a pain just to use as a phone again...I'm gonna drop the Hero like a bad habit.


wow before i got this  phone i heard a lot of issues with it and then i was like maybe they just be abusing the phone lols or doing something they have no business doing. cause i dont see a phone having so many issues. i mean trying to tweak out your phone and having it rooted and etc can definitely mess your phone up. and having so much running on it at once can make it laggy and etc. but i personally think some of the people complaining are obviously doing something or maybe its a hardware issue or a bad phone you happened to pick up out of stock.

but my hero that i have is just fine. it can be better but i honestly dont have any issues with it. think the battery goes down a little fast for a phone but it does just fine for my use. no lag and no errors or anything that other people are mentioning. im not really sure what to say about the other phones. but idk let's see what this update of 2.0 can do or wait to see what the next gen in this phone will be like or maybe a hol new android overall. but phones are bound to have bugs. thats what makes a phone better cause it cant come out perfect. it has to have some sort of problem so it can be fixed. and then you might have some people that have a phone that really dont have issues or serious issues that a person wouldnt even call a issue.

and the android os is clearly better then the iphone. the iphone performance may be better but not the features and customization. the iphone has never changed only the performance. so it doesnt make a phone better. i say the 4gen iphone may be a lot diff in physical and os wise but as of now iphone is a bunch of pannels with icons. you have to go into the icon to actually interact with it. the android has live functions going on or something to interact with like the widgets and etc. so android is just going to evolve and evolve. and its still new so give it time like somebody else said earlier.

dont get me wrong though. iphone is a good phone but i would like to have somethng to look at and interact with. something i can change around plus have multiple screens. your iphone cant have different screens. just diff icons on screens. so its the same. what makes your phone so much diff then somebody else iphone? probably if its a 3gs or more gb. other then that same thing just better performance. a phone with interaction gives it so much more flex. and remember everyone has there needs and wants so everyone is not the same.


on twiiter HTC said the SPRINT HERO will get the eclair update early 2010. they said it simple and plain. so exactly when idk but i say january.


matter of fact both moment and hero get update and sprint has comfirmed with htc early next year link below.


You're not alone.  I've had plenty of (similar) issues with my Hero.  I'm on my second one, too, for dust under the screen cover.

Hero is an "okay" phone, but it's been awkward enough in general that I'm taking it back to Best Buy to get the new BlackBerry Curve 8530 on December 18th, if they have them.  If not, I'll get a Tour, and then return THAT for the 8530.  Best Buy is supposed to get them Jan 10 if not Dec 18, and I'll be within the return window, so...YAY!

I know the BlackBerry isn't as "cool," but that's not what I need.  I need well-rounded, reliable phone that behaves consistently and is built well (the bezel over the buttons on my Hero has become very creaky and clacky, and I'm starting to get dust under the screen lens on this one, too).

Good luck, Sir! 🙂


I have the Hero and the Tour... I actually like the Tour better than the Hero. I think that all android phones are about to get the shaft now that the google Nexus One is about to be released. I just don't see google letting other companies have the lastest software when they are trying to sell the most phones. I really wish I would have returned my hero when I had the chance.


Cire wrote:

I have the Hero and the Tour... I actually like the Tour better than the Hero. I think that all android phones are about to get the shaft now that the google Nexus One is about to be released. I just don't see google letting other companies have the lastest software when they are trying to sell the most phones. I really wish I would have returned my hero when I had the chance.

Can't say that thought hadn't crossed my mind.  But I kept my heroes on the assumption that :

  1. The google phone leaks indicated to me that the voice was going to be exclusively thru voip.  Turns out today's android          guys           u...

        seems to indicate voice capabilities as well.  VOIP via wireless would be spotty when travelling (I'm assuming cell handoff is not as high a                    priority for data as when you have to wait a few seconds more for a page to load is not as much of a pain as a call dropping). 

2.  The early info expected there to be no subsidy coming.  Unsubsidized the hero would probably go for nearly $500 and I thought I would not be      losing much as compared to waiting for the nexis.   I only paid $50 for each of my heroes but google will only be $100 with no contract    involved.

I may have been wrong there too.

Oh well, it's only a 2 year contract and I can keep an I on ETF. If google turns out to be a better deal and it's wothwhile I may take the loss like I did on the ETF on the G1 to switch to sprint...


I agree with you - I came to Sprint from having a Blackberry Curve on Verizon...  While I have no problem with Sprint's coverage it seems to be as good as Verizon (though 3G isn't quite as broad in LA), the Hero is slow and the battery life is pretty bad in comparison, I can't go an entire day with a charge, UNLESS I just use it as a phone and use no other functions...   What sucks is that I end up living in these forums looking for tips on how to make an application open quicker, or battery tips, because I get pretty frustrated day after day...  I really do miss the ease of the Curve, and get jealous when I'm out with friends and they zip from text message to camera to whatever with ease with other phones - and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting on the Hero...  With my Curve - I was in forums once - and that was just to figure out how to get album art in the music player...

I did play with the Moment at a store and that thing could fly in comparison, but the people at the Store told me to stick with the Hero because the OS update would make it faster...


Have you all seen the note about being able to leave without an ETF?  Maybe that is an option for those of you not as enamored with your phones as I am.

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