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Android 2.1 for Hero Notification [IMPORTANT SETTING]


Android 2.1 for Hero Notification [IMPORTANT SETTING]

A few of you are posting some awfully pointless and sometimes rude posts.  Please... there is a feature built into our phones to save you a LOT of trouble.

How to be sure you'll be notified as soon  as Android 2.1 for Hero is available to you (without  requring waiting on notice from the forums).

Step 1: Get  your phone

Step 2: Turn it on (power button, it's red, bottom  right corner)

Step 3: Unlock your phone

Step 4: Open "Settings" (menu  key if you don't have a shortcut)

Step 5: Scroll down to Security

Step 6: Scroll down to "Firmware Update(I'm as  clueless as you as to why its hidden THERE).

Step 7: Choose either "Prompt before Download" or "Auto  Download".



Q: When will Android 2.1 for Hero be released?

A: There is no need to worry about the "when". Your phone will take care of it for you, ok? You've just made sure it will!

Q: Do I need to manually check for updates?

A: No.  It will check frequently (eg, 6 hour intervals maybe) for updates, FOR YOU.

Q: I rooted my phone and I have 2.1

A: That's a statement, and thanks for sharing, do it in another topic. There are quite a number of them on the subject here.

Q: What can I follow online to find out any information on Android 2.1 for Hero?

A: There are a few places you can follow.  I have linked them accordingly:

Q: Where should I not listen to for announcements:

A: If it doesn't say "The Official Sprint Android 2.1 for Hero is here!", don't read it.  Its moments of your life you won't get back.

  1. Also, Sprint's technical support (both base level and Teir 2) are currently and have been reporting bad release information. Use the above suggestions for the answers.
  2. In general, you may want to avoid a good majority of the rumor topics on these forums, as well as postings over at Android Central and Phandroid, unless it says the OFFICAL SPRINT ROM FOR ANDROID 2.1 FOR HERO has arrived.

Q: What should I do before updating to Android 2.1 for Hero?

A: Details are currently unknown, but likely it will remove all data from you phone (memory card is safe).

It is recommended to sync with Google, Exchange, or Your PC often (at minimum, ever 1-3 days). If your phone is set to Automatically Update, you may lose any non-synced data!

I really hope that answers a lot of questions. Maybe someone will be nice enough to sticky this.  If you liked this  post, please reply with a thanks (maybe to keep it on the top). Otherwise, I would appreciate if you did not reply. Especially if you are asking when it will be released. (It's answered above).

Added "What should I do before Updating to Android 2.1" information

Changed link to forum blog, for official announcement


I would definately like to thank you because there was a few things that I had no idea about! I just got my phone in Feburary and I am still learning about it. Yes, the rumors and all that stuff is really starting to get annoying, I stopped listening to any of what tech support had to say about the release as well. It will happen when it happens!





The information about appropriate settings for Firmware Updates in "Security" is useful; there does seem to be an open question about whether the large Android 2.1 update will be handled through the Firmware Update procedure automatically or will require sync. with a PC.  This may be significant to people who do not have PC's or who have never been able to get their PC to recognize the Hero when it was attached through a USB port. (I need to post that last as a question, sometime. It's driving me bats.)

It's very useful to have the information that the 2.1 update is going to happen - there seems to be a lot of unfounded speculation out there that 2.1 will be available only on a new model of the Hero phone by HTC. I now understand that rumor is FALSE. Thanks.



Unofficial release of course but there is a leaked ROM 2.1 Android OS I've been reading about, but it's extremely unstable with most of the uses not functional i.e. Visual Voicemail, Camera, etc.  I wouldn't suggest it of course to test on your phone, but there are a few out there that have. On a lighter note however, more like a friendly reminder. 2.1 is suppose to be released in the spring months, says Sprint, so I can only imagine it's not to much longer?


Adam C. Burkett
Coffee Specialist


Alright Alright Alright, I just want to thank everyone for their feed back about the 2.1 "update".  I have read everyones responses and my answer seems really simple now.  If the update doesn't come when "promised", I will dropping you Sprint.  Now I know these things take time and I am not happy about spending close to 200 bones to cancel you and spending even more than that to start up with someone else, but you will leave me no choice.  Its really sad cause the HERO is a great smart phone...

Thanks for all your responses, much appreciated!


DjD808 - Honestly no matter how people want to put it (End of April or 15th of May) Sprints Tweet, Post, etc of Early 2Q2010.  If they don't meet that deadline then I would say Root the phone and get to 2.1 that way.  There is some risk but if you follow the directions to the "T", you can get it done without the wait.  I've been researching the web about the process for a while now and the guys are posting Videos, directions and so forth that are pretty much aligned with each other.  Before I canceled the contract I would try that approach first.   It's not like you can take your Hero over to another carrier and use it.  So I don't see any harm in trying to upgrade the phone..  That way if it works you can then try out 2.1 until your contract ends; not to mention save you $200.  Then again if you do happen to "BRICK" the phone then you gave it a shot.  If you know what I mean.  I'm just as frustrated as everyone else is as well.  I've been with Sprint for over 10 years now and I have my feelings about the whole situation as well.  I've even posted them on here as well in other sections.  But as others on here have posted as well..  It's not like the Hero is the last phone to get the 2.1 upgrade.  NONE of the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) phones have been updated yet.  That doesn't make it any easier but it's true.  I actually did the Rooting of my phone last night and it was smooth.  Now I'm looking for which Custom ROM I want to put on the phone.  So I'm almost done.  I'll probably have it done today.   Hope that gives you some idea on what to do next.




u say it's a great smart phone (which it is) but then you will cancel if Sprint misses the date of release of 2.1? correct me if I am wrong, but there wasn't a definate date given (i.e april 28th 2010) was there? q2, or however they put it, is what's called an ESTIMATE.. simply put, a guess. . and as someone else said, the Hero isn't the only 1.5 phone still in use, there are quite a few actually (even the 1.6 phones aren't a major upgrade from what I hear).

Now maybe it's because i'm new to Android phones, but so far I see nothing wrong with 1.5. yes there are some features on 2.0/2.1 i'd like to have, and I will get them eventually. Meanwhile u will leave Sprint because of this, go to a carrier with a 2.1 based phone. and end up paying more for the same services u get now.


Does anyone have a clue about engineering and what is required to release an

update like this?  This is not a upgrade to version 1.6, 1.7, 1.8,etc.  This is

a new operating system, hence 2.x vs. 1.x, like Windows 7 vs. Vista.  Testing

and tweaking takes a great deal of time.

Also, everyone is thinking of just one Sprint HTC Hero.  Nobody is taking into

consideration all the hardware versions that need to be verified too.  Plus

individual differences in the 2.x version released by the software manufacturer

that have to be customized for the Hero to make it work.  Hell, the logistics

alone is a huge undertaking.  Documentation has to be written.  Manuals have to

be written/rewritten.  People have to be trained.

If this isn't rolled out correctly the new OS could be worse than 1.5 and

EVERYBODY will be bitching, not just a few.  Everyone would be saying "Why would

Sprint release 2.1 before it was ready," and crap like that.

I'm anxious about this new version also, but everyone is whining about how

horrible Sprint and HTC are by not satisfying their desire for instant




By the way folks..... It is HIGHLY unlikely that this upgrade will be over-the-air. It is just too large for Sprint servers to handle the amount of data. So the OP and you guys don't need to fiddle with your settings in the hopes you will be the first to be upgraded.

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