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Anything good to say..........


Anything good to say..........

Okay so I am reading all of the negatives about the hero.......I honestly don't have any real problems except for user error .  I would love to hear good things and maybe some shortcuts or things that we have learned to do with this phone.......I do hate that some of you have such problems


Re: Anything good to say..........

I absolutely love this phone. It is awesome and I think people should approach this with a bit more optimism. We knew there was going to be bugs, that's life. Report them constructively and they will get fixed in the upcoming MRs. So many of us got burned by the Instinct, this isnt the Instinct. It will all work out.   Speaking of Instinct, I turned mine on to get some contact information that didn't make it over to google......and wow, that phone looked and behaved terribly compared to this. I am such an Android fan and love what the Hero does all around. Now that I can post from it, this browser is officially great.  The keyboard and predictive text is a life saver. It does well even if I am not even close to the right keys. The screen is super nright and beautiful. The operation has zero lag, all screens switch quickly. After I got used to the capacitive screen, I make proper selections. The trackball os also great for times when you don't want to zoom way on on stuff or you want to make sure that your selections are accurate on dense webpages.  I look forward to some application fixes and MRs, but it runs well now. The battery life and camera are my biggest gripes, but they will get better. No doubt.


Re: Anything good to say..........

I do love this phone. The issues it has can be annoying (namely the battery life, mono headphone bug, and the 100% awake bug), but I'm patiently waiting for the firmware update to fix them.

The issues are the price we pay for getting such a phone (the first Android phone on a CDMA network) so early.


Re: Anything good to say..........

Even though I may find a bug, glitch, or issue here and there, that does not reflect anything bad about the Hero.  In fact, I was thinking this morning how many things are 'easy' on the Hero because it just simply 'WORKS!'  When I setup the Hero for the first time, all of my Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events where simply THERE!  The Hero is extremely overwhelming with all of the customization settings, its boatload of features, and all the great applications.

I believe that I will never have the Hero exactly the way I want it since the next awesome widget and application is just around the corner!  In fact, I have 26 marketplace applications downloaded already!

Home Screen

     Original Weather Clock

     Battery Status (MarketPlace)

     All six of the original shortcuts.

First screen to the right

     HTC Widget setting shortcuts for Airplane mode, Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi.

     Eight folders containing various application shortcuts for quick two-touch access.




          Google Apps



          Sprint Apps


     Music shortcut

     Toggle Google Voice shortcut

     TaskKiller shortcut

Second screen to the right

     Android Search Widget

     Express News Widget

     Google Scoreboard Widget

     Sprint NFL App Widget

Last screen to the right

     Twitter widget

Still working on the screens to the left, but I still have the HTC Bookmarks Widget over there.


Re: Anything good to say..........

I LOVE MY PHONE!!! It took me a while to get use to it coming from an Instinct and I'm still learning new things everyday. I had to learn to adjust to the keyboard but now I'm typing as fast as I was with my Instinct. The predictive texting is a plus. I now have a real browser and the app store is great! The Sense UI is amazing! I find myself changing my scene almost every other day lol. I don't notice any lag either, its quite fast to me. I love the way that you can ignore a call and automatically send a text message to that person. I love that you can flip the phone over to silence it when its ringing. I love that you can link your FB contacts to your phone and it uses their display photo. No more texting people and asking them to send me a picture for their caller id. I love that I can customize my phone to my liking. My love list for this phone can go on and on. Sometimes we tend to overlook the small things. Really the only thing I find myself complaining about is the battery life, but honestly it seems like mines is improving a little, well at least I've seen a dramatic difference from the first couple days I had it. There is still room for improvement of course, but overall I'm happy with my phone. I'm still patiently waiting for a fix from Sprint/HTC though. I see people complaining about some bugs that I guess I'm lucky I don't have. The Hero is my HERO! Can't wait to see what else is in store.


Re: Anything good to say..........

this phone and the sense UI are really amazing. i don't have any of the headphone or sms issues people have reported. of course it could be faster and the battery life could be better but compared to everything it can do, these issues are fairly trivial and can be improved once new android builds make it to the phone. as for the battery life, already has an extended battery available, and i'm sure more will come soon.

if you want to experience true frustration, try the bberry storm. i had to give up verizon's great network and paid the etf to ditch the storm and get the hero but it was worth it.

this point is a bit petty, but all my friends who use that other super popular phone, which i won't name, are in love with the hero once they try it out and are considering switching.


Re: Anything good to say..........

I really enjoy the Hero. I have an iphone 3GS, 3G and Hero now which I use more than the others. My only complaint is I wish it was a little faster. The browser is a little laggy sometimes and I do like some of the iphone apps but overall Im happy with the Hero. Maybe one other gripe is youtube videos arent as clear as the iphone, but its not a huge deal for me.


Re: Anything good to say..........

My wife and I both love this phone. Once the battery is under control it will be almost perfect. All bugs aside it is the best phone her or I have ever owned. Also, with all the applications and customization it should keep the phone fresh to us for a long time.


Re: Anything good to say..........

I really have nothing but good things to say about this phone.  Unlike some people I have not had any real battery issues.  I can easily get a full day of use out of a charge.  I do notice that the battery indicator in the UI does seem to be pessimistic and make it appear that my battery is lower than it really is.  But when I go to the status screen it shows a more realistic level.

I have gotten used to the keyboard, and the predictive text is pretty damn good and makes typing easy.  The social networking integration worked perfectly, and call quality is much better than my Treo.  The ability to customize the home screens is awesome.  The Hero really makes the iPhone look ugly and dull.

So there you have it.  The best phone I have ever owned. 


Re: Anything good to say..........

I have to agree I love this phone.  I am the type of person that will switch phones every 9 months or so (with three lines it works out to about that) I have to say that this is by far the best phone I've owned. 

Working as a professional geek who designs applications, no matter how much testing you do, you never find every bug - and with a first launch there is always a big bug (i.e. the battery or headphone bug) that slips through - the Developers at sprint & HTC will fix these as soon as they can.

This phone the first phone that I have that I can do what ever I want with it - if I don't like the way that something is - I can download a replacement from the Market - this rocks.

With all of the built in features (people app, music player that isn’t bad, active sync on an Android phone, & voice search that searches the web – this is cool) plus it’s an Android Phone –best phone I have owned.

I haven't had the headphone bug - but I do have the battery issue & I'll deal with it - I am used to charging my phones every day & have multiple chargers at home, work, in the car, & one that I carry with me.

I can honestly say that I am not going to switch off of this phone for a long time.


Re: Anything good to say..........

So, glad to hear good things.....Thanks for replying to my post.  So, tell me how to ignore a call and send a text message to the person I called!!!!!!!! I will ignore everyone....


Re: Anything good to say..........

Wow!!! You have done so much already!  I am way behind.  Not sure if I will ever catch up but, I know who to send a message to if I have questions!!!! So, cool.

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