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Best way to uninstall apps?


Best way to uninstall apps?

What is the best way to uninstall apps that you've installed from the market?

Use a third part app manager?

Use settings/applications then uninstall there?

Use the market/my downloads then uninstall there?

Just wondering if there are any advantages or disadvantages to any of these methods. Do they all "fully" uninstall, or does one method or another leave "residual" app data on the phone?


Re: Best way to uninstall apps?

Google records what you have installed so if you replace your device, the Market will automatically re-download the programs. I use Market/Download to make sure Google knows I dont want that program any longer.

Settings/Applications - why would you even TRY to use that!! It's way to hard to find what you need to uninstall... Market/Download has all your apps listed and its way more simpler.

Third party apps... I tried a few, but didnt really see any advantage over the Market/Download tool.

However, if you install an app manually outside the Market... I think you'd need to use Settings/Applications to uninstall it.


Re: Best way to uninstall apps?

I can't say for any 3rd party managers, but either of the other two methods result in exactly the same end.  One is no better than the other (however using market is faster, as settins/apps seems as if it needs to show you the full byte count of every program on the phone before it lets you remove anything.)


Re: Best way to uninstall apps?

@kenyu73 and bkfist,

Thank both of you for your helpful replies...

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