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Bluetooth, Google Maps


Bluetooth, Google Maps

I have 2 different issues on (one may not be an actual issue) my Hero:

1 - I pair my phone to car and the phone keeps dropping the connection every 10 mins once and repairs itself and after many of such instances it loses the PIN and I have to retype again and have it paired and the game continues...

2 - I used blackberry before and with BB and Google Maps, when you move the back light kicked in and used to update my location as I move along but the screen never went dark and locked on me. With Hero being a Google Android device it locks up on me every minute (IMP: I had auto lock set on BB but still it wouldn't lock as long as I had GMap up on the screen and the location was updating) Is this a problem and is there a fix?

As always, thanks in advance for your input.

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