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Bluetooth will not connect!


Bluetooth will not connect!

I have an HTC Hero w/ Google, and a WEP 750 bluetooth. For some reason, my bluetooth will NOT connect with my phone . It's paired, but whenever I try to connect it, it says "bluetooth headset disconnected." Anyone have any ideas why?


Re: Bluetooth will not connect!

You can see my related posts on this issue. The answer to your question might be the same one I received when I brought it to the store "Oh, the Hero is notorious for Bluetooth issues." or, "You're the second person today with an issue on this phone." You can see elsewhere on the net that after the latest update Bluetooth stopped working for some folks, mostly with Car Stereos.

Sprint sent me a replacement phone but it was no different. I just sent the replacement headset back.

@Sprint if you're listening, when does this issue reach critical mass? When can we receive acknowledgement that there is an issue, and a road map for getting it resolved?

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