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Bug: Slow call connection when answering


Bug: Slow call connection when answering

Not sure how to label this, but sometimes when I receive a call and slide to answer it takes a bit to pull up speaker and mute. The caller pic and end call buttons come on instantly but the speaker and mute buttons are not there for a second or two making it impossible to instantly engage speaker phone.

This does not happen with every call. This never happened to me with 1.5.


Re: Bug: Slow call connection when answering

I have not realized that yet as an issue.  My issues is the shortcut dial.  Since updating, it takes over 30 seconds for my handset to dial a contact that I have added as a shortcut.  If I dial from the contact list or call list, it dials immediately.  touch the shortcut for a contact on the home screen and I can run an errand or go for coffee before it will dial and make the connection.  This was not an issue on 1.5

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