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Bugs? Issues? FUSTRATION!


Bugs? Issues? FUSTRATION!

I've had the Sprint Hero since late October, in general I like the phone as a pocket PC but as a phone? it has major issues IMHO.

My two biggest gripes any maybe somebody has a solution (I have since rooted the phone and I've tried Fresh Rom 1.0 with the same issues)

First a power reset of the phone resolves the issues for a short period of time (few hours to maybe 2 days).

The phone lags far behind dialing a number, or seems to hang on number dials

Similar issue exists when choosing a previously dialed entry from the phone screen (can't tell you how many times I've redialed somebody I did want to)

I believe the above two issues are the same issue and have been corrected in Donut, of course that doesn't help me with Cupcake, it has to do with a process or function known as a heartbeat ( There is discussion about replacing a java file but I am not positive if this will solve the problem or create other issues.

Incoming calls, typically the person calling me will hear 3 or 4 rings before my phone even starts to ring!  If the phone is sitting on my desk I'll see it start to light up and the display may say that I'm receiving a call, but where's the ringing???  If I power cycle the phone it'll start rining on the second ring for a little while (related to the heartbeat issue???)  I need a reliable phone!

Headphone volume!  quite frankly IT SUCKS! the volume needs to be louder! What's with the deal that the phone won't recognize the headphones if the phone is powered on with them plugged in?? You have to re-powercycle the phone!

Bluetooth... What a step backwards...

1) Why can I not push or receive a vcard to/from somebody via Bluetooth?

2) Bluetooth output volume is too low (recurring theme)

3) pairing issues, I've paired my phone with my car, works great except, leave the car, come back later start the car and the car can't find the Hero, toggle the bluetooth off then on (on the Hero) the car can find the phone again.  Never had a problem with my previous cell phones.

Earpiece volume needs a little more umph sometimes (recurring theme again!)

Voicemail... I don't get a lot of voicemail on the phone but when I do I expect to get notified in a reasonable amount of time, preferably minutes, I'll accept an hour under special circumstances, but recently I didn't get a notification for a voicemail that I received 2 weeks ago!!!

And why can't I force the phone to ROAM?  I work in NYC and there are areas that I am in that have poor coverage with Sprint, problem is the coverage is good enough that the phone won't go to Roaming and becomes unusable.

Now you call Sprint's customer support and their only answer is "Lets reset the phone back to factory defaults."  Well of course that is going to solve the problem while you are on the phone with them, give it two or three days and all the problems will return!

Oh and don't forget about the SenseUI, it crashes too, leaving me with a big "HTC" on the screen while it reloads, of course anything I had running already, phone call, or music playing will continue but I can't start anything new until SenseUI reloads.  This happens anywhere from once a day to once a week.

My question, is anybody else having these issues or am I the only one?  Speak up, don't suffer in silence!



First the BTing a vcard or file issue is an Android issue and not a Hero issue. In versions below 2.1 Android lacks the bluetooth stack to do that. I believe 2.0, and I know 2.1 has that capability. So once we are updated we should be able to do that among other BT activities that we can't right now.

Also, since CDMA isn't really supported in 1.5 (cupcake) and it is in 1.6 and above, I think the other "phone" related issues will go away too.

Now one thing that I think causes the dial lag is the fact that as you dial, the dialer polls the contact list to find a matched contact. In theory this is a cool feature, put on this software build, and maybe even this hardware, it slows and lags the dialing.

On the voicemail issue, I haven't had any problems until the last week or so. Now I'm not getting "some" voicemails until I reboot my phone. Now I'm paranoid when I've missed a call and no VM is there. Did they just not leave me a message, or, did they and I'm just not getting it?

Also, when I go to VM and hit menu/check for upgrade an "Attention" box pops up saying "General failure. Please try again at a later time". What does that mean? Is my VM hosed?


The dial lag gets severe and the only way I have found to correct it is to power cycle the phone.  Its not just the lag in the dialer, its with everything, it comes and goes and I believe it is related to the heartbeat bug I listed.

There are more Bluetooth issues than the inability to send a vCard, The phone does not always respond to a pairing request, I have to turn the bluetooth of and then back on in order for devices to pair with it.  Thankfully there are widgets out there to make it easy, but its still annoying.

If CDMA isn't supported in Cupcake why in the world would Sprint and HTC release the phone??

Sprint and HTC need to get their act together and fix this phone!!!


  • My headphone volume is perfectly fine. It is very loud. If you've already tried another headset, it could be your phone. I currently use the 3.5mm headset from the Palm Pre(highly recommend). I also have a HTC USB headset and it is just as loud.
  • Yes, I too experience the ring lag. I hope this will be corrected.
  • My voicemail has been getting through fine. I like how the voicemail app downloads to the phone. I updated it over a month ago, but had to check the Unknown sources option in Application settings.

I have the same issues as you, except for the voicemail.  Also, I don't really have a concern about not being able to share via bluetooth.  My planar headset pairs just fine - haven't tried others.

The main issue I want fixed are the two you mentioned:

-Ring lag

-Dialer lag

I'm on Fresh ROM 1.1, and those issues, I believe, cannot just be addressed via the custom rom, b/c the Dialer is an HTC protected app, and the ring lag seems to be due to something else (I have no idea what).


Time_Lord wrote:

If CDMA isn't supported in Cupcake why in the world would Sprint and HTC release the phone??

Sprint and HTC need to get their act together and fix this phone!!!

I've asked that question since it was announced that the Hero would release with 1.5. I was amazed. 1.6 had been out for over a month and true CDMA support was built in.

But they released this as a flagship Android device with a hacked OS...that obviously wasn't hacked that well...I will say that the system wide lag is probably SenseUI and not the CDMA issue. I've been running my phone with Sense turned off and things are snappy until I go into an HTC app that has Sense forced on. Then the lag is back. I'm guessing the ring lag has a lot to do with the lack of real CDMA support though.


Its amazing you call Sprint's "Helpless desk" and amazingly they've never heard of the problems I'm complaining about.  But they are more then willing to swap the phone out since its absolutely possible to fix a software bug with new hardware so I am now on my fourth Hero way to go Sprint, it isn't cheap to ship phones out overnight every few weeks.

What I really wonder, do complaints with software issues ever get passed up the food chain at the help desk?  Is there anybody at Sprint that reads these forums that can actually do anything to make sure bugs are addressed in a timely manner?  I have some serious doubts on both questions, can somebody really PROVE ME WRONG? We know a timely manner isn't going to happen, but are these bugs really being addressed at all?

So now if I call Sprint again with the problems with the phone, I'm sure Sprint will offer me a different model, any suggestions?  What really works?

What absolutely I need -

A phone that works reliably for:

incoming and outgoing phone calls

incoming and outgoing SMS messages

ability to send and receive email from a MS-Exchange server

ability to send and receive email from a IMAP mail server using SSL and a self signed certificate (K-9 on android works well)

ability to browes the web with some sort of respectible interface (yes a phone is somewhat limited but make it usable)

Since I ride a train everyday to and from work and I want fumble around with as few devices as possible

What the phone should do in addition -

Ability to use the phone as a music player (would be nice if it supported in addition to MP3,  Ogg Vorbis - Android does)

Ability to load entertainment stuff - eg games

Ability to watch videos

Have reliable bluetooth (vcard pushes/receives would be nice but not mandatory)

other items wanted -

ability to use a standard SD card (micro/mini)

standard charging connector (Micro/Mini USB - none of the proprietary connector crap)

Ok so what fits the bill?  Does Sprint have anything in their lineup that does other than the Android phones which were supposed to fit the bill but are obviously falling VERY SHORT of their touted specifications.

Oh and btw, you can't post messages to this forum from the Android phone, or at least with the stock browser included on the phone.



Hey Guys,   I have had the dail lag issue happen to me quite a few times. I noticed that when the phone was doing this if I hit the home button, then used task killer it would fix the problem. I would have a ton of stuff running in the background that of course I didn't turn on, but thats the OS on this phone. Also just downloaded task sweeper from the app store and it will not allow apps to run in the background or when charging unless you want it to. Hope this helps, later.

Sprint Product Ambassador

TimeLord - really sounds like the Touch Pro 2 would fit the bill, as well as the Moment or Hero.  That's quite a few requirements for a single device there.  It sure would be nice if there was one thing that would do it all, but I don't know if we're there yet.

And yes, this website does not work well with the handset browsers.  You can post by waiting a while for the edit interface to show up, then scrolling right and tapping the 'HTML' button to revert to a plain old 'textarea' input field.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

wengla02 wrote:

TimeLord - really sounds like the Touch Pro 2 would fit the bill, as well as the Moment or Hero.  That's quite a few requirements for a single device there.  It sure would be nice if there was one thing that would do it all, but I don't know if we're there yet.

I'll have to take a look at the Touch Pro 2, I'm really not thrilled with a Windows Mobile device but if that's the only thing that works at the moment that Sprint offers so be it.

I don't know anything about the moment other than the fact it is also an Android phone running Cupcake, the question is, do the same bug exist on that phone as the Hero?

It's also kinda ironic that the Hero fits the bill of what I want in a phone, the only problem is, it doesn't work reliably.



I have that problem with voicemail notifications.  I'll get a missed call notification but no voicemail, even if I go to the voicemail screen (I never "call" my voicemail because there's that voicemail app or widget or something).  Doesn't matter if I reboot the phone, the notification doesn't show up.  Then a few days later, I'll get another voicemail notification that goes through immediately, and with that message there are two old messages.  (Three seems to be the magic number.)

I've decided to call tech support every time it happens. They should be annoyed like I am!  If you call during the day it's not too long a wait.

The last guy I talked to said he'd never heard about this problem.  So please call and back me up!

One thing I just learned from support - if you take out the battery it's a harder reboot than if you just reboot from the buttons & software.  I'm going to see if that works any better next time I think I'm having this problem.  The support rep I just talked to said the phone has to re-connect on the network after you take out the battery, but it doesn't do exactly the same thing when you just power off and back on.

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