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CONFIRMED: Fix for HTC Hero "Dialer" keeping phone awake!


CONFIRMED: Fix for HTC Hero "Dialer" keeping phone awake!

Read through this thread for background:

The solution is to download ChompSMS from Marketplace. It's a free app that's highly customizable and even allows you to send/receive free SMS if you wish. But the real beauty is that this app actually works normally and doesn't screw up your phone. You can send/receive texts with ChompSMS just like your regular Messages app but this one is more configurable and customizable. It also doesn't stop your phone from sleeping like Messages appears to do.

So go download ChompSMS, install. Then restart your phone to make sure you clear out the Dialer issue since you probably had it. Now starting with a rebooted phone ONLY use NOT use Messages. You should be golden. So happy, that Android's openess makes something like this possible, no need to wait for a patch for Messages, just replace it!


besides doing the chomp/hancent upgrade you may also have to do the following to enable the phone to properly sleep.

Sleep Fix: Hold down the Power button (same as your End Call key), Select Power off, once the phone has completely powered off count to 60 and hit the power button again to reboot the phone, as the phone loads play with the trackball until the lock screen comes up, unlock the screen and continue to toggle the trackball until the phone completely loads, click the Power/End Call key to put the phone to sleep.

This should fix the issue, check your Up time and Awake time, if not repeat the steps I detailed above. Do not allow the phone to sleep on its own, keep moving the trackball while the phone loads, also if there are notifications on the upper tray clear them as sometimes these will keep the phone from going to sleep.

Make sure the phone is not plugged into an external power source and all notifications are cleared. Let the phone sit for a couple of minutes and then check on the Up time and Awake Time, if it still reads 100%, repeat the steps above, if problem persists comment below.

The Ugly (InToGadgets)


I'm experiencing the same exact problems with my HTC Hero. It's a great phone, and does everything I could ask from a phone, but the battery life is killing me. It shouldn't matter if I talk on it alot or not, for the money I paid, and for the "Top Of The Line", "Best Phone On Market" phone it should be, I should be able to do what I want with MY phone. LOL Sorry had to get that out.

I have a couple questions if you don't mind answering.

If I download this Handcent APP, this will greatly improve my battery life? Are there any downsides to downloading this APP from the Market?

Will I still be able to send/receive picture messages?

I'm just trying to make sure I get the BEST BATTERY LIFE POSSIBLE out of my Hero.


With this Handcent APP, will I be able to listen to music without the mudic cutting off and then hearing a notification ringtone for my texts? Is there anyway to just have the phone vibrate for text messages with the Handcent APP, instead of having to play a song that I DO NOT WANT?

LOL I know these are alot of questions, just trying to get the best work out of my phone possible. I know it has the potential to be the best phone on the market, just want it to be you know?

I'd appreciate any help I can get on ALL OF THESE MATTERS!!

Thanks alot,



Just turned off and back on and after 3 minutes it is down to 74% instead of 100%  Is this something that will have to be repeated periodically?

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