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Clear cache...More internal memory


Clear cache...More internal memory

Maybe many out there knows about this already, but when I googled for it I couldn't get much out of any site but today I accidentally stumbled up on it and it helped me save >30MB in my internal memory!!!!! Its simple, a little time consuming but well worth it, unless there is an app that can do it without rooting the phone...

Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and go through every app and push "Clear Cache" and NOT "Clear Data" and see the results for yourself.... (of course if you have not already done it!!)

I hope no rotten eggs or tomatoes are on my way..... If you tried this for the first time and if it helped to increase your memory availability, let others know on here..... it will be interesting!


Re: Clear cache...More internal memory

If you are rooted, the app Cachemate in the market will clear all caches with one click. This is the main reason I rooted my Hero. It is a great tool.


Re: Clear cache...More internal memory

It's a good suggestion, but keep in mind that this cache space will get refilled in short order as you use your apps. It will also force some apps to re-download data it may already have (like Google Maps map data, twitter feeds, etc), forcing some longer initial load times.

Re: Clear cache...More internal memory

Just to clarify, there hasn't been much increase in used internal memory since clean up nor the phone has been loading any of the apps slowly.... I did think it might be the case after reading the previous post but so far so good..... that means more apps.....

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