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Continuing Problems with the HTC Hero and Sprint...


Continuing Problems with the HTC Hero and Sprint...



I got my 1st HTC here in November of 2009.

I  had some major issues with it.  The phone would stop receiving text  messages for a week at a time.  I am a freelancer and I lost a lot of  work because of this.  I had techs solve the problem twice by phone.   Then this spring it had issues again!  This time I took it into the  store....

They  said it would be ready in an hour... so I left and came back.  After I  came back, I bet you can't guess how long I was in the store???  Just  try....  3 HOURS!  I was upset, and then the tech screwed up a couple of  things on my phone that had to be re-set up before I could leave!

Then  about a month and half ago it happened again!!!  I lost text messaging  again for a week.  This time Sprint Customer Service sent me a new Hero.

I was not really sure how it would work out... because I have about several problems with the Hero....

Well, guess what... a whole new set of issues.

Not  dialing someone when I click to call them.....  When someone calls me  the "end call" and "speaker phone" buttons do not appear....  Then when I  do dial someone it will act like it not dialing and then two minutes  later I will try again, but then it double dials the number with one on  hold and the other active!!!!

I  talked to Sprint again....  They were going to see about sending me  another phone....  However, I was about to go on vacation.  The lady  scheduled to call me back on the 18th of this month....  However, I have  not heard back from her.  So, I called the number again and the  supervisor assured me that someone would call me in 30 minutes or  so.....

They  were offering to replace my Hero again (but how can I be assured that  it won't have problems... I mean, this is my 2nd Hero already!) or to  replace it with a Moment.  Now I went into a store and a clerk laughed  when I told him they wanted to replace my current Hero with another Hero  or a Moment.  He said, they should give you an Intercept or an Evo!

What  makes matters worse I had problems with a phone a few years back....   They made me buy a phone while the phone was being replaced and I was  allowed to return it once the replacement came in.  However the  replacement phone would not take a charge!!!  Needless to say I went  through 5 phones in a month and a lot of talking to customer service!!!!

I hope the lady does call me... well now supposedly in less than 30 minutes!!!


After going through 3 HTC Hero Phones within a year.   I continued my discussions with McGee Wade from Sprint.  He would not change my phone to another but would send me my 4th HTC Hero Phone.  However he dropped the ball and never returned my last call and did not send the 4th HTC Hero Phone.  Which continued to show that Sprint is not really interested in their customers.  Plus if I went through 3 HTC Heroes... then to me that proves that the phone is not a quality phone.  Even though McGee seemed like a nice guy, he was not willing to go the extra mile to resolve a customer service issue that was on-going.

There are more issues arising with the Hero.

*When I am in call mode.... if I press the button to bring up the numbers pad... instead of bringing up the number pad it takes me to the home screen of my phone.  Then I have to click the phone button again and try to push the button that brings up the numbers pad...  This really screws you up if you are trying to reach something on a 1-800 that asks you to input numbers.

*Also the phone continues to shut down and restart the system.  So if you are doing something on your phone you lose it.

*For a phone that is powered by Google.... GMAIL sure works like CRAP on it!

*Again still issues during calls when the bottom of the part of the screen does not appear.... mute button, numbers button, end call button. 

*There are still several other bugs with the system as well, but I am not going to get into to it right now....

I have talked to two other customer service reps this summer.  One was supposed to call me back and never did.

Another told me that the stores have more power than the customer service department and that a manager could switch me over to a new phone for free if they choose.  Granted he said that this has to be at a Sprint owned store and not at a franchise.  When I went in to Sprint and discussed this with a person who worked there... they basically told me that was BS and that the customer service people have more power than managers at the store.

So again it is still a run around with Sprint.  I still see posts from people saying they are having problems with their HTC Hero!  Sprint even told me they are aware of the problems, yet they still sell the phones.  Which leads me to believe that they are not providing a quality service because they know they are selling defective products. 




I also don't know how Google could attach their name to a phone that is so horrible!!!! 


Again...  I am not sure why Sprint would sell a phone that has  issues.  One could assume that they perfer to make money versus provide a  quality product.

All they have to do is read all the posts about the  issues with the HTC Hero on their community site or google it... they  will see that there are several people out there having big isssues with  their phones.

Again I hope someone from Sprint takes  the time to contact me and does not drop the ball like those who I have  talked to in the past at Sprint.


So as advised by a PR person I emailed Sprint Customer Care....


To Whom This May Concern:

I have already explained this several times to people at Sprint

Customer Care via the phone several times..... I have also had this

discussion in stores as well.

In my first year of owning an HTC Hero I went through 3 phones because

they all had issues.  I was supposed to be issued another HTC Hero by

McGee Wade (spelling may be off).  However, he dropped the ball.

It seems that Sprint does not care about their customers at all.  I

posted the issues on Sprint's community forum:

If you read this you will find that I was not the only person having

these issues. If you Google: problems, htc, hero, sprint... you will

find other stories and posts about others having the same problems and


My originally post has been archived... so I updated it at:

I kept telling McGee that because of the problems with the phone I was

leery about getting another HTC Hero.... if they do not work then why

would I want another?

I also did not want to downgrade to another phone, if anything Sprint

should have offered to upgrade me to a newer smart phone.  It seemed I

was being punished for purchasing a phone through Sprint.

I talked to another Sprint Customer Care person via phone and he said

that managers at stores have more power to do things than via Customer

Care.  When I went into the store I was told that was BS and that I

should call Customer Care back.

So, I ask you if Sprint knows they have a phone that has issues and

they continue to sell it... are they providing a quality service, when

they know it has problems?  I think the answer is NO!


Dear Mr. Shinabery,

Thank you for your email. We regret that you are experiencing problems  with your HTC Hero. If you would like a warranty replacement, we  recommend that you take your phone to a Sprint service and repair  location for diagnostic testing. If a manufacturer's defect is detected,  your phone will be repaired or replaced.

If you would like to receive a different model phone/phone upgrade, our  New For You program allows customers to upgrade their phone every 20  months. You can check your upgrade eligibility by texting 'upgrade' to  1311 or by entering your phone number and zip code at

under Check you eligibility.  If you are eligible for a full upgrade, you can order a new phone at new customer pricing.





Really... are you seriously kidding me?

I was supposed to get another HTC Hero from McGee Wade and he never

got back to me.  This would have been my 3rd replacement with out

using my warranty.  I think you need to read the notes on my account

and also read my post that I sent to you!

Get back to me asap with your manager.


In my opinion they did not take the  time to read the post or if they did they did not consider what I have went through with this phone.  I also believe that they did not even take the time to read any of the notes on my account and see who all I have talked to about this issue.

McGee Wade... had promised a 4th phone.  It was either going to be an HTC Hero or one of two other phones (which would have been a step down from the phone that I had).  This was all going to be through outside my warranty and I was not to be charged for this.  He dropped the ball and did not get back to me.  The phone still has issues and Sprint has yet to rectify the issue. 

So, I have to ask does Sprint care about their customers????????????  It really does not seem this way.  Do they sell products that are poor quality and say still continue to say they provide qaulity service.......  You tell me.

I really hope a supervisor or someone hire up rectifies this issue and does the right thing.

I feel like I am being punished for buying the HTC Hero to begin with... it is not my fault that they are selling faulty equipment.


Oh here is the link to my original post....



Dear Mr. Shinabery,

Thank you for your response. Our customer service is not able to send a  different model phone to a customer unless they are upgrading their  device or the model of the warrantied phone is no longer in stock(in  which case a comparable reconditioned phone is sent, not one of the  customer's choice).  If you would provide me with the store location in  your area that has been working with you, I will forward your warranty  replacement concerns to management over the store for assistance. The  Sprint service and repair locations are equipped to test, repair and/or  replace the phones under the manufacturer's warranty. We are not able to  do diagnostic test over the phone.

As I stated previously, if you want a phone of your choice, you can  upgrade your device.  We are not able to able to provide upgraded  devices at no charge, which is why you are continually offered the same  model phone as a replacement.  The manufacturer's warranty is for that  model phone.


I had been dealing with McGee Wade with Sprint who I reached over the  phone.  Again, he replaced the phone twice, and was supposed to replace  it a 3rd time.  I kept telling him I did not feel secure about the phone  because I had issues with the other phones.  He was supposed to send  another phone and never did.  He works in with Sprint, not at a store!

As I explained in my post... the last time I had to take care of an  issue with the phone I was told to come back in an hour... when I got  back to the store I spent three more hours in the store!!!

So, as you can see I do not find the store to be a very helpful place.

If McGee Wade was able to replace a phone twice and was supposed to  replace the phone again then you can not tell me that you have no power  to do anything.

Please have a manager contact me.


Kenneth Shinabery


So, I have taken this to the next step and forwarded the link to this post to VPs at Sprint and people who work for Sprint.  Let's see if someone actually gets back to me.


Hi Kenneth,

I also replied to your tweek.  First I must state that I'm not a technician.  Is the trouble with customer service that they are directing you to a store to exhange your HTC Hero for another HTC Hero and you are wanting to do that via the phone (advanced exchange)?  Not sure if advanced exchange is an option.   

I did some quick research on what may be the issue - What version of software do you have on the phone, older versions may be the culprit.

Shelly (VegOut1)

Manager - Social Learning



Thank you for taking the time to read my tweet and follow up.  I really appreciate that.

I think the issue was with the line itself.  After going through 3 Heroes and being promised a 4th, I can confidentally say that the HTC Hero has several bugs and problems.  I also found the service in the store to be terrible...  When I had the phone looked at I was told to come back in an hour, and then when I got back... I ended up sitting in the store for three additional hours.

Every time the phone was looked at or updated Sprint always said that there would not be other issues with the phone.  Eventually I got one customer service on the phone to admit that there were issues with the phone.  Even with the updates there were new issues that would arise every time.  These issues were not just happening to me, but if you google HTC HERO ISSUES PROBLEMS SPRINT... you will see all kinds of posts with similiar issues. 

The Customer Service people I talked to on the phone would tell me one thing and then the people in the store told me that what they said was not true.  It was really interesting.  Even the Advanced Excelation Department seemed to give me the run around and not be honest or fair.

Yesterday, I finally talked to someone and I am getting a refurbished Evo (the older one in the series).  I was not exactly happy with the out come, and it was not the phone I would have chosen.  But I was tired of getting the run around by Sprint.  I am worried since it is an early version of the Evo that there will be issues with it as well. 

I honestly feel like I was being punished by Sprint for purchasing the HTC Hero in the first place.  And I am worried about the Evo, because it is a generation 1 of that line.




I'm glad you have a different phone on it's way.  The amount of swaps you've had is not typical.  I've carried various smart devices since for years.  Sometimes software is the issue, sometimes it's application or device settings, network wonkiness, sometimes it's defective hardware, etc.  Triaging the issue can be complicated.  (No different than if your personal computer was experiencing troubles.)  We do swap for like devices, kinda like having a bad part on your computer, you get a new part...not a new computer.  Regardless, you have a different device coming to you. 

I am familiar with the various post that people create on device issues, some of them are old issues and the posts haven't been updated after the user was able to get the device working again. 

Since you are swapping to a new device, I would like to suggest you check out some of the device simulators, complete the phone swap transaction online when you get it and check out some of the other tips and tricks availble on (

Enjoy the EVO!

Shelly (VegOut1)

Manager - Social Learning



Thanks again for the taking the time to respond.

Sadly this is not my first problem with a Sprint phone.  Several years ago, before Smart Phones...  I had an issue with a phone.  So, I decided to get a new phone.  The phone they sold me had volume issues, and did not ring.  So, I went back into the store on 23rd Street and told them.  They had to send it in... and the manager had me buy a temporary phone, which I had to return to get my money back once the new phone came in.  When I got the next phone.... it would not take a charge.  Needless to say I had to return that.  During that month I went through 5 phones.  I had to talk to several people on the phone and at the store...  It was not fun.

So, the whole issue with the probelms with the HTC Hero just made dealing with Sprint even more painful.  Because this time people were not as friendly as before.  It is as if the people in customer service were trained in "NOT WANTING TO HELP THE CUSTOMER."  They really made it seem like it was my fault for buying the HTC Hero in the first place.  I almost believe the level of customer service has went down in the past couple of years.

Again, I am still unsure about getting a refurbished Evo.  I hope it works out, but I dread going through the mess that I had to with the Hero if it doesn't.  I really think Spring should have done more.  Because now I have to pay an additional $10 a month for 4G services which I do not mind... but from my understanding 4G service in New York is terrible and I constantly hear people complain.  So, Sprint is still going to be making more money off of me regardless.  I think they should have offered me a newer phone or something.... it still could have been refurbished or something, but I think with the amount of trouble I had to go through that they did not really do enough.  I would have asked for something better, but I honestly am worn out from dealing with all the people I have and talking to several people one the phone..... I felt if I would have asked for something better I would have had been treated badly again.

Trust me....  I work in film/television/commercial production and advertising...  Sprint portrays itself as a customer friendly company that provides quality service, when they actually really do not.  I hope other customers are not being the treated the way I was through out this whole ordeal.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.  It shows that some people at Sprint do care.... I hope this trickles down to the people who deal with the customers one-on-one and that they treat people better and not give them the run around like I was.



Wow seems as if i am the only one happy with my Hero. I have the original version of Firmware (1.5) and only the first Software update 1.56.651.2 . This is quite by accident you see, I was told by a specialist at a Best Buy store(I only buy my phones from Best Buy.) after experiencing problems with my battery what version of OS I had (I'm not really a phone geek). I was informed that it would be best if i did not update further because of all the "bugs" associated with the newer versions. You have to go online to get the updates which is what saved me because i didn't know you had to do anything to update other than leave your phone on.

Some of you might see if there is away to restore your phone to the versions that I have because it is stable and not glitchie at all.

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