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Convert 3gpp audio from your Hero to play on your PC

Sprint Product Ambassador

Just downloaded an app, MyMemo, from the Android Marketplace.  Amazingly cool app - lets you create text, voice, drawing and photo notes and email them around. However, the audio recorded on the phone is in the 3GPP spec AMR-NarrowBand (AMR-NB), which not much can play back.  At least nothing on my Mac (VLC, QT7, QTX).

The folks at VLC say that AMR-NB is patent-encumbered so there's not much support.  They did point out one third party alternative software that can transcode your 3GPP audio and video files into something you can play back on your Mac or PC, Mobile Media Converter

Mobile Media Converter appears to be safe, with no spyware, adware or trojans on the Macintosh version. It's simple to use, appears to support a wide variety of oddball 3GPP formats and outputs to most popular video and audio formats.  You can use it to transcode the videos or audio off your phone to standard MP4 or AVI files.  Appears you can even use it to grab the FLV video files from YouTube.  It's a plain little interface but it works. Check the screenshot for the UI and list of supported codecs.

You can directly download Mobile Media Converter from  - just choose your platform: Windows, Linux, or Mac